Sandygast and its evolution Palossand finally arrived in Pokemon GO in June 2023 during the Water Festival: Beach Week event.

Despite being the event’s headline additions, adding them to your Pokedex isn’t particularly easy. This is because neither of them will actually be spawning in the wild.

Luckily, we know exactly how to get a Sandygast and evolve it into Palossand!

How to Catch Sandygast in Pokemon GO

To catch Sandygast in Pokemon GO, you must defeat it in a Tier 1 Raid Battle or complete the ‘Catch 25 Water‑type Pokemon’ Field Research Task during the Water Festival: Beach Week event, from June 6-12, 2023.

Sandygast is not currently spawning in the wild, so the only way to get one is through Raids or Field Research.

Pokemon GO Water Festival Beach Week

Following Beach Week, Niantic has not confirmed when Sandygast will next be available in Pokemon GO.

Usually, it takes a couple of months before new Pokemon start spawning in the wild after the event it was introduced in. Therefore, expect it to be readily available later in the Summer.

How to Evolve Sandygast into Palossand in Pokemon GO

To evolve Sandygast into Palossand in Pokemon GO, you need to collect 50 Sandygast Candy.

Once you’ve done that, you can press the Evolve button to transform your Sandygast into Palossand.

Sandygast Palossand Pokemon GO
Sandygast (left) and Palossand (right)

At the moment, evolution is the only way to get Palossand in Pokemon GO. However, there is a possibility that another method to get one, such as battling it in a Tier 3 Raid, could come to the game in the future.

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