Here are all of the best counters that you can use to easily beat Team GO Rocket Leader Sierra in Pokemon GO!

Team GO Rocket is always up for a battle and it’s your job to defeat them. However, this is a lot easier said than done.

The recent Pokemon GO Battle Weekend saw Team GO Rocket change up their battle teams and now they are all using a different set of powerful Pokemon. This includes all three of the Team Leaders too!

Here are all of the best Pokemon that you can use to counter Team Leader Sierra’s Shadow Pokemon!

But first, find out how to complete the Field Notes: Team GO Rocket Research. While defeating Sierra is part of this, there are plenty more tasks you need to finish!

How to Beat Team GO Rocket Leader Sierra in Pokemon GO & Best Counters

Pokemon 1: Shadow Squirtle – Best Counters

Pokemon GO Squirtle

Sierra always uses a Shadow Squirtle as her first Pokemon. It shouldn’t present too much of a challenge but here are the best Pokemon to counter it:

  • Roserade
    • Razor Leaf (Fast Move)
    • Grass Knot (Charged Move)
  • Zarude
    • Vine Whip (Fast Move)
    • Power Whip (Charged Move)
  • Zekrom
    • Charge Beam (Fast Move)
    • Wild Charge (Charged Move)

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Sierra Pokemon 2: Blastoise, Blaziken, or Lapras – Best Counters

As her second Pokemon, Sierra will use either Blastoise, Blaziken, or Lapras. These are the counters we recommend to beat them!

Pokemon GO Blastoise

Blastoise has the same counters as Squirtle so you can use any of the above Pokemon. However, these are some great alternatives:

  • Thundurus
    • Volt Switch (Fast Move)
    • Thunder (Charged Move)
  • Electivire
    • Thunder Shock (Fast Move)
    • Wild Charge (Charged Move)
  • Tangrowth
    • Vine Whip (Fast Move)
    • Power Whip (Charged Move)
Pokemon GO Blaziken

Next, as a Fire/Fighting-type, Blaziken is weak to Psychic, Flying, Water, and Ground. These are the counters we recommend:

  • Kyogre
    • Waterfall (Fast Move)
    • Surf (Charged Move)
  • Espeon
    • Confusion (Fast Move)
    • Psychic (Charged Move)
  • Mewtwo
    • Confusion (Fast Move)
    • Psychic (Charged Move)
Pokemon GO Lapras

The final option for Sierra’s second Pokemon is Lapras. It has a lot of HP so it can be very tough to defeat, but these counters work well against it:

  • Magnezone
    • Spark (Fast Move)
    • Wild Charge (Charged Move)
  • Lucario
    • Counter (Fast Move)
    • Aura Sphere (Charged Move)
  • Machamp
    • Counter (Fast Move)
    • Cross Chop (Charged Move)

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Sierra Pokemon 3: Houndoom, Nidoqueen, or Drapion – Best Counters

Finally, Sierra will also choose one of three Pokemon – Houndoom, Nidoqueen, or Drapion – at random for the final spot in her battle team. Here are the best counters!

Pokemon GO Houndoom

To counter Houndoom, you’ll want to use a powerful Fighting, Ground, Rock, or Water-type. Here are our recommendations:

  • Conkeldurr
    • Counter (Fast Move)
    • Dynamic Punch (Charged Move)
  • Rampardos
    • Smack Down (Fast Move)
    • Rock Slide (Charged Move)
  • Terrakion
    • Smack Down (Fast Move)
    • Close Combat (Charged Move)
Pokemon GO Nidoqueen

Next, if Sierra uses Nidoqueen, Ground, Water, Ice, and Psychic-type Pokemon can counter it. These are our picks:

  • Hoopa
    • Confusion (Fast Move)
    • Psychic (Charged Move)
  • Kyogre
    • Waterfall (Fast Move)
    • Surf (Charged Move)
  • Excadrill
    • Mud-Slap (Fast Move)
    • Earthquake (Charged Move)
Pokemon GO Drapion

The last option for Sierra’s third Pokemon is Poison/Dark-type Drapion. It is only weak to Ground-types so there are only a few good counters for it:

  • Garchomp
    • Mud Shot (Fast Move)
    • Sand Tomb (Charged Move)
  • Golurk
    • Mud-Slap (Fast Move)
    • Earth Power (Charged Move)
  • Landorus
    • Mud Shot (Fast Move)
    • Bulldoze (Charged Move)

Sierra is just one of the Team GO Rocket Leaders that you need to beat. Here’s how to defeat the other two:

Also, once you’ve beaten all 3, you’ll be able to track down the boss of Team GO Rocket. Here’s how to beat Giovanni and catch Shadow Latios in Pokemon GO!

In other Pokemon GO news, a huge datamine has revealed over 50 upcoming Pokemon. Let’s hope that these arrive in-game soon!

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