Hoopa Unbound Elite Raids are very hard to beat in Pokemon GO, but we’ve got all of the information you need to counter and defeat this powerful Pokemon!

Elite Raids are the toughest battles in all of Pokemon GO, so you’ll need all of the help you can get if you want to beat them.

Hoopa Unbound is a tough Pokemon to take down, but once you find out how to counter it, you’ll definitely be able to win your battle against it!

Before you find out the best counters for Hoopa Unbound, you’ll need to know the best tips to win Pokemon GO Raids though!

How to Beat Hoopa Unbound in Pokemon GO Elite Raids

To beat Hoopa Unbound, you will need a team of at least 6 Pokemon trainers with strong counters to Hoopa. This is because it is an Elite Raid Boss.

Additionally, you will need to know how to take part in Elite Raids in Pokemon GO. There are a few rules that apply to Elite Raids that don’t apply to standard ones!

Hoopa Unbound 5th Anniversary Pokemon GO

What Type is Hoopa Unbound?

Hoopa Unbound is a Psychic/Dark type Pokemon. This is a very rare typing and gives it some interesting weaknesses and resistances to consider.

In fact, it is one of very few Pokemon that has a triple resistance to an attack type.

Hoopa Unbound Weaknesses

Hoopa Unbound has 2 weaknesses, one of which is a double:

  • Bug (Double Weakness)
  • Fairy

Hoopa Unbound is double weak to Bug-type attacks, meaning they deal 256% damage to it. Meanwhile, Fairy-type attacks deal 160% damage.

Hoopa Unbound Resistances

Hoopa Unbound has 1 resistance, but it is a triple resistance:

  • Psychic (Triple Resistance)

Hoopa Unbound is one of the few Pokemon in the game to have a triple resistance. Because it is a Psychic/Dark-type Pokemon, Psychic-type attacks only deal 24% damage.

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Hoopa Unbound Pokemon GO Side

Best Pokemon to Counter Hoopa Unbound in Elite Raids

The best Pokemon to use in Hoopa Unbound Elite Raids include:

  • Mega Scizor
  • Mega Beedrill
  • Pheromosa
  • Vikavolt
  • Yanmega

In fact, any Pokemon with strong Bug-type attacks will do very well in these Raids due to Hoopa Unbound’s double weakness to Bug.

These are the 10 best Pokemon to use in Hoopa Unbound Raids as well as their strongest attacks:

PokemonImageFast AttackCharged Attack
Mega ScizorMega Scizor Pokemon GOFury CutterX-Scissor
Mega BeedrillPokemon GO Mega BeedrillBug BiteX-Scissor
PheromosaPheromosa Pokemon GOBug BiteBug Buzz
VikavoltVikavolt Pokemon GOBug BiteX-Scissor
YanmegaYanmega Pokemon GOBug BiteBug Buzz
GenesectGenesect Pokemon GOFury CutterX-Scissor
PinsirPokemon GO PinsirBug BiteX-Scissor
ScytherPokemon GO ScytherFury CutterBug Buzz
AccelgorAccelgor Pokemon GOInfestationBug Buzz
EscavalierEscavalier Pokemon GOBug BiteMegahorn

It’s integral your Pokemon are as powerful as possible before you battle Hoopa. Here’s the fastest way to get Candy in Pokemon GO so you can power them up!

Also, Mega Pokemon will be extremely helpful when trying to defeat Hoopa too. Check out our Pokemon GO Mega Evolution guide to find out the bonuses Mega Pokemon will bring to your Raid party!

When is Hoopa Unbound in Pokemon GO Elite Raids?

Hoopa Unbound is returning to Elite Raids in Pokemon GO on Sunday, November 13, 2022.

There will be 3 different times for Elite Raids on that day, and all of the will remain the same no matter what timezone you’re in. The Hoopa Unbound Raid times on November 13 are:

  • 11 AM Local Time
  • 2 PM Local Time
  • 5 PM Local Time

It is unknown if Hoopa Unbound will return to Elite Raids after this. We think it is likely that another Pokemon will be the Elite Raid boss next.

In fact, we expect one of Pokemon GO’s many Mythical Pokemon to be the next boss!

Pokemon GO Elite Raids

Is There Shiny Hoopa Unbound in Pokemon GO?

No, there is not currently a shiny version of Hoopa Unbound in Pokemon GO.

Despite this, a shiny version of Hoopa Unbound may arrive in Pokemon GO in the near future. As it has been over a year since the Hoopa made its Pokemon GO debut, it is due for a shiny version!

Niantic almost always adds a shiny version of Pokemon a year or two after it makes its debut in Pokemon GO.

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Best Hoopa Unbound Attacks

The best attacks for Hoopa Unbound in Pokemon GO are Confusion and Psychic. If you want to teach it an additional charged attack we suggest Dark Pulse.

However, there are also some more attacks that Hoppa Unbound can learn. They are:

Fast AttacksCharged Attacks
Confusion (Psychic)Dark Pulse (Dark)
Astonish (Ghost)Shadow Ball (Ghost)
Psychic (Psychic)

Make sure you know how to get Elite Fast and Charged TMs in Pokemon GO if you want to teach your Hoopa new attacks!

Hoopa Unbound Stats

Hoopa Unbound has a very high attack stat while its defense and stamina are around average. This makes it a powerful Pokemon for Gym and Raid battles.

Max CP 4530

If you’re lucky enough to have caught multiple Hoopa Unbound, make sure you know which one to power up. The Pokemon GO IV search filter is especially handy for sorting through your Pokemon!

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