It should only require two high-level trainers to beat Hisuian Avalugg, as it is a Tier 3 Raid. However, you may want to be in a party of three to be on the safe side.

Additionally, these trainers will ideally have strong counters to exploit Hisuian Avalugg’s weaknesses!

Use these top tips to win Pokemon GO Raids to help you in battle, no matter which Pokemon you are taking on!

What Type is Hisuian Avalugg?

Hisuian Avalugg is an Ice/Rock-type Pokemon. This means it has six weaknesses, including two double weaknesses, making it quite easy to counter.

However, you need to make sure to avoid using Pokemon with the four attack types Hisuian Avalugg resists when battling it.

Pokemon GO Hisuian Avalugg Raid Day

Hisuian Avalugg Weaknesses

  • Fighting (Double Weakness)
  • Steel (Double Weakness)
  • Grass
  • Ground
  • Rock
  • Water

Fighting and Steel-type attacks deal a whopping 265% damage to Hisuian Avalugg due to its double weakness. Meanwhile, the other types it is weak to do 160% damage.

Find out the strongest Pokemon of both of these types so you can exploit Hisuian Avalugg’s double weaknesses:

Hisuian Avalugg Resistances

  • Ice
  • Flying
  • Normal
  • Poison

Hisuian Avalugg resists all of the above types, meaning they only deal 63% damage to it.


Best Pokemon to Counter Hisuian Avalugg in Raids

The best Pokemon to counter Hisuian Avalugg are Mega Blaziken, Mega Lopunny, and Mega Aggron.

However, if you can’t Mega Evolve these Pokemon, then there are other great choices to battle this boss, like Terrakion, Metagross, and Lucario.

These are the top 10 Pokemon to use against Hisuian Avalugg:

PokemonImageFast AttackCharged Attack
Mega BlazikenMega Blaziken Pokemon GOCounterFocus Blast
Mega LopunnyPokemon GO Mega LopunnyDouble KickFocus Blast
Mega AggronMega Aggron Pokemon GOIron TailHeavy Slam
TerrakionTerrakionDouble KickSacred Sword
MetagrossMetagross Pokemon GOBullet PunchMeteor Mash
LucarioPokemon GO LucarioCounterAura Sphere
KeldeoKeldeo Pokemon GOLow KickSacred Sword
BreloomPokemon GO BreloomCounterDynamic Punch
ConkeldurrPokemon GO ConkeldurrCounterDynamic Punch
DialgaDialga Pokemon GOMetal ClawDraco Meteor

You’ll want to teach your Pokemon strong attacks before taking part in this Raid. Here’s how to get Elite Fast and Charged TMs so you can do just that!

Also, make sure to power up your Pokemon before you battle Hisuian Avalugg. Here’s the fastest way to earn Candy in Pokemon GO!

When is Hisuian Avalugg in Pokemon GO Raids?

Hisuian Avalugg will be in Pokemon GO Raids from May 11 to May 17, 2023, as part of the A Valorous Hero event.

Before this, the only other time it was available was on December 24, 2022, as part of the Hisuian Avalugg Raid Day.

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