Pokemon GO is holding a Spotlight Hour on Halloween in 2023 – and the Ghost-type Yamask will be the featured Pokemon for this October 31 event!

The Yamask Spotlight Hour will be running from 6 PM – 7 PM local time on October 31, 2023.

Of course, the main draw of this event is that Yamask will be spawning much more frequently in the wild. However, there is also a great in-game bonus that every Pokemon GO player can take advantage of, as well as the chance of catching the shiny version of Yamask!

Can You Catch Shiny Yamask in the October 31 Spotlight Hour?

Yes, the shiny version of Yamask will be available to catch during the October 31 Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour.

Despite this, there is still no guarantee that you will find a shiny Yamask in the Spotlight Hour. This is because the shiny odds are roughly 0.2% (or 1 in 500), and it is basically impossible to catch 500 Pokemon in one hour!

Normal and Shiny Yamask in Pokemon GO
Yamask (left) and shiny Yamask (right)

October 31 Pokemon GO Yamask Spotlight Hour Bonus

The bonus for the October 31 Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour is 2x Candy for catching Pokemon.

This bonus is perfect for players who want to evolve Yamask into Cofagrigus, especially as this evolution only costs 50 Candy, or players who want to power up Cofagrigus for the GO Battle League.

To take advantage of this in-game bonus more, you can use Pinap Berries. This will boost the amount of Candy you earn even further!

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