The yearly Halloween event in Pokemon GO is back for 2023 – here’s everything you need to know about Part 1 of the event!

Every year, Pokemon GO celebrates the spookiest holiday of the year with a bumper two-part event. And the 2023 edition has a brand-new Gen 9 Pokemon to catch in addition to some great bonuses, spooky Pokemon as wild spawns and Raid bosses, and plenty of Research to complete!

Pokemon GO Halloween 2023 Part 1 Start & End Time

Part 1 of the 2023 Pokemon GO starts at 10 AM local time on Thursday, October 19 and ends at 10 AM local time on Thursday, October 26.

This gives players a whole week to catch the brand-new Pokemon Greavard, encounter plenty of spooky Pokemon, and start progressing the new Timed Research!

  • Event Start:
  • Event End:

Immediately after Part 1 of the Halloween event ends, Part 2 begins! Niantic will announce the full details of this event in the coming days, so stay tuned!

Pokemon GO Orange PokeStops
PokeStops will turn orange during the Pokemon GO Halloween event.

New Pokemon & Shinies

Two new Pokemon and a brand-new shiny are being added to Pokemon GO in Part 1 of the 2023 Halloween event. They are:

  • Greavard
  • Houndstone
  • Shiny Phantump

You can encounter Greavard by winning a 3-Star Raid battle or by completing the event’s Timed Research. Then, you can use 50 Greavard Candy to evolve it into Houndstone.

Meanwhile, there is no guaranteed way to get a shiny Phantump, as there is just a very low chance of any Phantump you encounter being the shiny version. Therefore, you’ll want to encounter as many Phantump as possible so you can have more chances to find the shiny!

Greavard Pokemon GO Trailer

Pokemon GO Halloween Part 1 Event Bonuses

The following bonuses will be active for the whole of part 1 of the Pokemon GO Halloween event:

  • Additional Candy and Candy XL for successfully catching Pokemon with Nice Throws, Great Throws, and Excellent Throws
  • Additional Candy XL for hatching Eggs (level 31 trainers and above)
  • 2x Candy for hatching Pokemon

The bonus Candy is perfect for players who want to evolve and power up their Pokemon. However, you’ll want to practice your throw accuracy to make the most of these bonuses!

Wild Spawns in Pokemon GO Halloween 2023 Part 1

The following Pokemon will be spawning in the wild during Pokemon GO Halloween 2023 Part 1:

PokemonStandard Shiny
EkansEkans Pokemon GOShiny Ekans Pokemon GO
ZubatZubat in Pokemon GOShiny Zubat Pokemon GO
Alolan MeowthAlolan Meowth Pokemon GOShiny Alolan Meowth Pokemon GO
GastlyPokemon GO GastlyShiny Gastly Pokemon GO
HaunterHaunter Pokemon GONot available as a wild spawn
SpinarakSpinarak Pokemon GOShiny Spinarak Pokemon GO
MisdreavusMisdreavus Pokemon GOShiny Misdreavus Pokemon GO
PoochyenaPoochyena Pokemon GOShiny Poochyena Pokemon GO
ShuppetShuppet Pokemon GOShiny Shuppet Pokemon GO
DrifloonDrifloon Pokemon GOShiny Drifloon pokemon GO
LitwickLitwick Pokemon GOShiny Litwick Pokemon GO
PhantumpPhantump Pokemon GOShiny Phantump Pokemon GO
SandygastSandygast Pokemon GONot Available

The shiny versions of all of these Pokemon, apart from Haunter and Sandygast, can be caught in the wild. However, you’ll need to be very lucky to find them!

Raids in Pokemon GO Halloween 2023 Part 1

Part 1 of the 2023 Pokemon GO Halloween event has a whole selection of Spooky Pokemon to catch, from the balloon-like Drifloon, to the nightmarish Darkrai!

Raid BossDifficultyStandard Shiny
Misdreavus1-StarMisdreavus Pokemon GOShiny Misdreavus Pokemon GO
Shuppet1-StarShuppet Pokemon GOShiny Shuppet Pokemon GO
Drifloon1-StarDrifloon Pokemon GOShiny Drifloon pokemon GO
Gengar3-StarGengar Pokemon GOShiny Gengar Pokemon GO
Sandygast3-StarSandygast Pokemon GONot Available
Greavard3-StarGreavard Pokemon GONot Available
Mega Gengar
(Until 10 AM on October 20)
4-StarPokemon GO Mega GengarShiny Gengar Pokemon GO
Mega Banette
(After 10 AM on October 20)
4-StarMega Banette Pokemon GOShiny Banette Pokemon GO
(Until 10 AM on October 20)
5-StarGuzzlord Pokemon GOShiny Guzzlord Pokemon GO
(After 10 AM on October 20)
5-StarDarkrai Pokemon GOShiny Darkrai Pokemon GO]

During the Halloween event, there will also be a Darkrai Raid Hour event on October 25. This will be by far the best time to hunt for the shiny Darkrai!

Updated 7km Egg

Any 7km Egg you pick up during part 1 of the 2023 Halloween event will contain one of the following three Pokemon:

PokemonStandard Shiny
MunchlaxMunchlax Pokemon GOShiny Munchlax Pokemon GO
RioluRiolu Pokemon GOShiny Riolu Pokemon GO
Galarian YamaskGalarian Yamask Pokemon GOShiny Galarian Yamask Pokemon GO

Fortunately, the shiny versions of all three of these Pokemon are available to hatch. The odds of any of these Pokemon being shiny are 1 in 64!

Halloween 2023 Research

Part 1 of the Pokemon GO Halloween 2023 event is adding plenty of new Research for players to complete:

  • Greavard Timed Research
    • This is one of the two ways to catch Greavard during the event
  • Spritomb Timed Research
    • This is the only way to catch Spiritomb in Halloween 2023!
  • Halloween event Field Research Tasks
    • Reward encounters are with Misdrevus or Phantump
  • Paid Halloween Timed Research
    • Costs $5 (or local currency equivalent) in the in-game shop
    • Rewards include encounters with Ghost and Dark-type Pokemon as well as the Ghost Pose for your avatar
  • Part 3 of the Ticket of Treats Paid Research
    • Rewards for this include two Incubators and encounters with Phantump
Pokemon GO Avatar Ghost Pose

New Avatar Items & Stickers in 2023 Pokemon GO Halloween

A selection of spooky new avatar items are coming to the item shop at the start of the 2023 Pokemon GO Halloween event:

  • Yamask Mask
  • Cofagrigus Costume
  • Cofagrigus Head
  • Phantump Head
  • Greavard Wig
We will add the PokeCoin price of these items once the event begins.
Pokemon GO Halloween 2023 Avatar Items

Additionally, you can pick up a new selection of Halloween-themed stickers by spinning PokeStops or purchasing them from the store during the event.

These stickers feature plenty of spooky Pokemon and even a ghostly Pikachu!

Pokemon GO Stickers Halloween 2023

Once Part 1 of Pokemon GO Halloween 2023 ends at 10 AM on October 26, Part 2 will begin. Expect plenty of Pokemon in Halloween costumes, as well as some other spooky surprises!

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