The Ultra Beast Guzzlord can be a challenge to beat in Pokemon GO Raids for even experienced players! Here’s everything you need to know to defeat it.

To beat Guzzlord in Pokemon GO, you will need a team of at least four high-level Pokemon trainers. This is because it is a Tier 5 Raid boss.

Additionally, all of the trainers will need to know Guzzlord’s weaknesses and use Pokemon of the correct types to exploit them.

Guzzlord Pokemon GO Pokedex

What Type is Guzzlord?

Guzzlord is a Dark/Dragon-type Ultra Beast. This is an extremely rare typing, and the only other Pokemon that are Dark/Dragon-type are Deino, Zweilous, and Hydreigon.

This means that Guzzlord also has a near-unique set of weaknesses and resistances players should learn before fighting it in Pokemon GO Raids.

Guzzlord Weaknesses

  • Fairy (Double weakness)
  • Bug
  • Dragon
  • Fighting
  • Ice

Fairy-type attacks deal 256% damage to Guzzlord, while the other above attack types deal 160% damage.

Guzzlord Resistances

  • Psychic (Double Resistance)
  • Dark
  • Electric
  • Fire
  • Ghost
  • Grass
  • Water

Guzzlord is double resistant to Psychic-type attacks, meaning they only deal 39% damage. The other above attack types deal 63% damage.

Guzzlord Pokemon GO Loading Screen

Best Pokemon to Counter Guzzlord in Raids

The best Pokemon to use in Guzzlord Raids are Mega Alakazam, Mega Altaria, and Mega Latios.

However, standard Pokemon with strong Fairy-type attacks like Gardevoir, Togekiss, and Primarina are also very powerful against Guzzlord, if you don’t have access to these Mega Evolutions.

Here are the top 10 counters to use in Guzzlord Raids, as well as their best attacks:

PokemonImageFast AttackCharged Attack
Mega Alakazam Mega Alakazam Pokemon GOCounterDazzling Gleam
Mega Altaria Mega Altaria Pokemon GODragon BreathDazzling Gleam
Mega Latios Mega Latios Pokemon GODragon BreathDragon Claw
Mega LatiasMega Latias Pokemon GOCharmOutrage
GardevoirGardevoir Pokemon GOCharmDazzling Gleam
TogekissTogekiss Pokemon GOCharmDazzling Gleam
ZurkitreeXurkitree Pokemon GOThunder ShockDazzling Gleam
Primarina Primarina Pokemon GOCharmMoonblast
ZacianPokemon GO ZacianQuick AttackPlay Rough
GranbullGranbull Pokemon GOCharmPlay Rough

When is Guzzlord in Pokemon GO Raids?

Guzzlord is in Tier 5 Raids from October 6 to October 20, 2023.

Also, for the first time ever, the shiny version of Guzzlord will be available to catch!

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