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Pokemon GO: Groudon Raid Guide – Counters & Weaknesses

Here’s how to beat the Ground-type legendary Pokemon – Groudon!

Groudon is returning to raids from June 7 – June 16! It is coming back right after Kyogre in raids, as well as a part of Pokemon GO Fest!

First introduced in generation 3, Groudon is an amazing Ground-type Pokemon with brilliant stats – a perfect addition to any team! Groudon’s raid will run consecutively with Adventure Week – meaning even more new Pokemon to catch after Groudon!

Pokemon GO Logo Groudon

Best Counters to Groudon In Pokemon GO

Groudon Type Weakness & Best Pokemon To Use

Groudon is a Ground-type Pokemon. This means there are only 3 move types that are super effective against it:

  • Water types
  • Grass types
  • Ice types

Moves of these types will deal 160% damage. However, there are also 3 types that Groudon is resistant to:

  • Poison types
  • Rock types
  • Electric types

Poison and Rock-type moves will deal 63% damage, whereas Electric-type moves will only deal 39% damage!

Groudon has previously been a tier 5 raid so utilizing super effective types is highly recommended. Below is a list of 5 Pokemon who have access to moves that are super effective against Groudon.

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Pokemon GO Groudon

Stats & Moves

Once caught, this legendary Pokemon makes an amazing addition to any lineup, Groudon even has the potential to be shiny! Its stats are:

  • Defense: 228
  • Attack: 270
  • Stamina: 205

With such a high attack stat this Pokemon is perfect for battling other gyms or raids! Furthermore, when caught, it has access to the following moves:

Quick Moves:

  • Mud Shot (Ground type)*
  • Dragon Tail (Dragon type)

Charged Moves:

  • Earthquake (Ground type)*
  • Fire Blast (Fire type)
  • Solar Beam (Grass type)
  • Fire Punch (Fire type) (only teachable through the use of an Elite TM)

Moves marked with * will benefit from the 20% attack bonus granted by STAB (Same type attack bonus)

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So, will you be adding Groudon to your roster? Let us know below!

Also, make sure you know the Mega & Legendary Raid Schedule for June 2022. You won’t want to miss any of these!

In other news, find out how to complete Rhi’s Arrival Research – including how to get all the rewards. Be sure to also check out the rewards revealed for Adventure Week thanks to the Global Challenges at GO Fest!

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