The Pokemon GO Glittering Garden event has updated which Pokemon you can hatch from 2km Eggs. To go with the event’s theme, plenty of Grass-types will now be hatching from them!

Any 2km Egg you pick during the Glittering Garden event (from 10 AM local time on August 5 to 8 PM local time on August 8) will be a Glittering Garden event Egg containing one of the following six Pokemon:

  • Budew
  • Cherubi
  • Sewaddle
  • Petilil
  • Bounsweet
  • Larvesta

Out of these six Pokemon, only three of them can be shiny – Budew, Cherubi, and the brand-new shiny Petilil, which has only just come to Pokemon GO. The shiny versions of Sewaddle, Bounsweet, and Larvesta are not in Pokemon GO yet.

Also, as it usually is, Larvesta will be a very rare hatch compared to the rest of the Pokemon in the Egg. Meanwhile, the rest of the Pokemon in the 2km Glittering Garden Egg will be common hatches.

2km Egg Hatches Pokemon GO Glittering Garden

If you want to hatch all of these Pokemon, you’ll have to pick up more 2km Eggs during the Glittering Garden event. This is because out of the six Pokemon in the Egg pool, only Petilil can be found in the wild.

You can obtain more 2km Eggs as a drop from spinning PokeStops. Fortunately, they are also the most common Egg to drop from a PokeStop spin, meaning that it shouldn’t take long for you to find more.

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