Many Pokemon GO players working their way through the A Paldean Adventure Seasonal Research have encountered a frustrating setback that has reset their progress!

A Paldean Adventure is the Seasonal Research for Adventures Abound, and it tasks players with choosing a starter Pokemon, adventuring with it and, finally, evolving it. However, many players have not been able to complete it yet.

There have been many complaints about reset progress in step 5 of the A Paldean Adventure Research. Specifically, lots of players have found their progress in the task ‘Catch a Pokemon on 14 Different Days’ back at 0.

But what is causing these issues, and is there a fix?

Pokemon GO A Paldean Adventure

Why is ‘Catch a Pokemon on 14 Different Days’ Progress in A Paldean Adventure Being Reset?

Progress being reset on the ‘Catch a Pokemon on 14 Different Days task within the A Paldean Adventure Research is likely due to a glitch.

Players have reported that to complete this task, you must actually catch Pokemon for 14 days in a row. This has confused many Pokemon trainers as this is not what the task says in-game.

Pokemon GO developer Niantic has not responded to player complaints about progress in A Paldean Adventure resetting yet. However, hopefully, it will address this issue soon by either adjusting the in-game text or how this task tracks.

Until Niantic fixes this, catch at least one Pokemon every day to ensure your progress doesn’t go back to 0. Fortunately, you have until the current season, Adventures Abound, ends on December 1, to complete this Research!

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