Every Pokemon GO player enjoys completing in-game Research. However, reset progress has made the A Mystic Hero Special Research Story has been particularly frustrating.

While none of the tasks in A Mystic Hero are too difficult, a glitch has made it much more time-consuming. This is because the longest step in the Research has been reset for many players.

Before you find out more about the glitch that has been resetting progress, here are all of the tasks and rewards in the A Mystic Hero Special Research.

Pokemon GO A Mystic Hero Special Research

Pokemon GO A Mystic Hero Special Research Progress Reset By Glitch

Many Pokemon GO players have reported that their progress has been reset in Step 3 of the A Mystic Hero Special Research.

The Tasks within this step ask players to make 3 Excellent Throws, earn 5 Candies walking with your Buddy Pokemon and evolve 10 Pokemon. However, many players who had not finished step 3 yet have found that their progress is now back to zero.

There are numerous reports of this glitch on Twitter and the r/PokemonGO subreddit, and, unfortunately, there is no fix yet. What’s more, the bug seems to be totally random, so it could affect anybody.

Therefore, if you haven’t reached step 3 of A Mystic Hero, we suggest you stay on step 2 for now. Then, once Niantic has issued a fix, you can progress to step 3 without fear of losing your progress.

At least there should be plenty more Research coming in the next couple of weeks. Check out the Pokemon GO April 2023 event schedule to find out what’s in store!

Will Niantic Fix Lost Progress in A Mystic Hero?

Unfortunately, Niantic has not responded to reports of this glitch yet. However, even if the Pokemon GO developer did address the issue, there may not be anything it could do about it, as the progress has already been lost.

If you have been affected by this glitch, we suggest you tweet your issue @NianticHelp or contact Niantic support through the Pokemon GO app. Hopefully, Niantic will rectify the glitch before other Pokemon GO players lose their progress in A Mystic Hero.

This is just the latest issue in a few rough months for Pokemon GO. The Remote Raid Pass price increase sparked the #HearUsNiantic campaign, and glitches like these will make fans even unhappier with the game.

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