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Pokemon GO Genesect Raid Guide: Best Counters & Weaknesses

Use the strongest Fire-type Pokemon to easily take down Genesect!

To beat Genesect in Pokemon GO Raids, you’ll want to take it with a team of at least five high-level Pokemon trainers. This is because Genesect is a tough 5-star Raid boss.

Additionally, every trainer battling Genesect should use powerful counters to deal as much damage as possible. Unfortunately, Genesect isn’t an easy Pokemon to counter!

Find out the top tips to win Pokemon GO Raids, so you can defeat even the toughest Raid bosses in the game.

What Type is Genesect?

Genesect is a Bug/Steel-type Pokemon, making it very hard to counter. It has just one weakness but a whopping nine resistances!

The different Genesect Drives (Normal, Burn, Shock, and Douse) do not change its typing, only the attacks that it can use. This means that the best Pokemon to counter it in Raids will be effective no matter what kind of Genesect you are battling in Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO Genesect

Genesect Weaknesses & Resistances

Genesect has the following weaknesses and resistances in Pokemon GO:

Fire (Double Weakness)Bug
Grass (Double Resistance)
Poison (Double Resistance)

Genesect’s only weakness is Fire, and Fire-type attacks deal 256% damage to it. This means that it is essential to use Fire-type Pokemon against Genesect in Pokemon GO Raids.

Find out the strongest Fire-type Pokemon in Pokemon GO so you can take down this mythical ‘Mon easily!

Genesect Raid Pokemon GO

Best Pokemon to Counter Genesect in Raids

The best Pokemon to counter Genesect in Raids are powerful Fire-type Pokemon like Reshiram, Chandelure, Darmanitan, and Heatran.

For some extra firepower, we also suggest using a Fire-type Mega Pokemon like Mega Blaziken, Mega Charizard Y, or Mega Houndoom. This is because they will boost the attack of your other Fire-type Pokemon.

These are the top 10 Pokemon to use against Genesect and their best attacks:

PokemonImageFast AttackCharged Attack
Mega BlazikenMega Blaziken Pokemon GOFire SpinBlast Burn
Mega Charizard YPokemon GO Mega Charizard YFire SpinBlast burn
Mega HoundoomMega Houndoom Pokemon GOFire FangFlamethrower
ReshiramPokemon GO ReshiramFire FangFusion Flare
ChandelureChandelure Pokemon GOFire SpinOverheat
DarmanitanPokemon GO DarmanitanFire FangOverheat
HeatranHeatran Pokemon GOFire SpinFlamethrower
BlazikenPokemon GO BlazikenFire SpinBlast Burn
MoltresPokemon GO MoltresFire SpinOverheat
Ho-OhHo-Oh Pokemon GOIncinerateSacred Fire

Genesect is just one of three Mythical Pokemon that are 5-star Raid bosses, the others being Deoxys and Darkrai.

Find out how to get every Mythical Pokemon in Pokemon GO, so you can add them all to your Pokedex.

Also, if you are lucky, you’ll be able to catch the ultra-rare shiny Genesect after winning this Raid!

Genesect Pokemon GO Pokedex

When is Genesect in Pokemon GO Raids?

Genesect (Shock Drive) is in Pokemon GO Raids from May 2 to May 9, 2023. This is during the An Instinctive Hero event.

Niantic has not yet announced when the Genesect with other Drives will return to Raids.

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