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Pokemon GO Could Be Adding Free PokeCoin Quest Rewards

Pokemon GO could be adding a new feature to assist Free-to-Play fans, with free PokeCoin quest rewards.

Since its launch in 2016, Pokemon GO has come a long way. Now, Pokemon from 8 different generations can appear in-game, and the gameplay has come a long way too.

However, it’s not all been steps forward where Niantic’s AR title is concerned. And recently, the developer has been making some rather controversial changes to Pokemon GO’s systems.

Most notably, it’s now much harder to get Remote Raid Passes in Pokemon GO, an item initially designed to help rural players and those struggling with the pandemic.

Pokemon GO

But could new quests offering free PokeCoin payouts be the solution to recent troubles?

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Pokemon GO Datamine Reveals Free PokeCoins Could Be Coming

Right now, the only way to earn PokeCoins (without purchasing them with real money) is by leaving a Pokemon in one of your team’s gyms. The longer it stays there before getting knocked out, the more coins a player can earn.

However, fans have always been frustrated with the measly 50 PokeCoin daily cap put in place to ensure players are always struggling to earn money.

But if you want to pay for Remote Raid Passes, Incubators, Boxes, and more, there might soon be a way to boost your earnings.

pokemon go pokecoin store

The datamining group ‘Pokeminers‘ has found references to a PokeCoin Sprite in the Pokemon GO Quest Rewards. With that in mind, the currency could soon appear as a reward for completing select regular quests or field research.

It remains to be seen to what capacity these PokeCoins will appear, and indeed whether or not the feature will even be implemented.

Given Niantic’s recent history, we imagine that players would only earn 1 or 2 coins per quest, with the cap still remaining at 50.

After all, fans just called Pokemon GO’s latest offering “the worst deal ever”. And while the mobile game is still as fun as ever, it certainly seems to be getting less Free-to-Play friendly.

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