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Pokemon GO Gives Out Free Latias & Latios Mega Energy in Air Adventures Apology

Electrify the Sky is back for one last run, as Pokemon Go offers players free Latias & Latios Mega Energy as an apology for recent issues.

If you’re a Pokemon GO fan, chances are you took part in the recent Air Adventures event. The Limited-Time Event featured increased spawns of flying Pokemon, a return of Balloon Pikachu, and our first-ever Mega Legendary Raid Battles.

Although the duo has now left the rotation, Mega Latias and Mega Latios were both available in Raids up until recently. And despite the Legendary Pokemon being incredibly hard to catch, getting your hands on them also gave you access to Mega Evolution.

Pokemon GO Latias & Latios Mega Energy

Alongside the event, there were a few ways to get your hands on more Latias & Latios Mega Energy. And now, players have a chance to earn even more.

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How to Get Free Mega Energy for Latias & Latios + Free Balloon Pikachu

If you missed out on Balloon Pikachu or the free Latias and Latios Mega Energy, you’ll want to check out Pokemon GO’s latest update.

Upon logging into the mobile game today, Pokemon GO players were quick to notice a return to Air Adventures.

In the ‘Today’ tab, Pokemon GO fans will once again see the Electrify the Sky missions, below the ongoing Water-Type Global Challenge.

There, until May 18 at 8 PM local time, players will be able to complete the following easy missions for some incredible rewards:

  • Catch a Pokemon – 50 Mega Latias Energy
  • Take a snapshot of a wild Pokemon – 50 Mega Latios Energy

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Free Mega Energy for Latias & Latios + Free Balloon Pikachu

Completing both missions will reward users with 3000 XP and the chance to encounter one final Balloon Pikachu.

Reportedly, this return to Air Adventures is an apology to make up for issues at the end of the recent event. While you’re claiming your rewards, don’t miss all the earnable content in the Pokemon GO Water Festival!

And if you’re finally able to Mega Evolve your Legendary ‘Mon, why not check out the full list of Mega Pokemon in Pokemon GO?

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