Fraxure is in Tier 4 Pokemon GO Raids exclusively as part of Axew Community Day, on June 6, 2023. However, as a 4-star Raid boss, it can be challenging if you aren’t prepared.

To defeat Fraxure Raids, you’ll want to have a team of at least three high-level Pokemon trainers to battle it, and each of these trainers should have strong Pokemon to counter Fraxure’s weaknesses.

Luckily, it is weak to a few different attack types!

Fraxure Type

Fraxure is a pure Dragon-type Pokemon.

This means it has three weaknesses and four resistances to consider when battling it.

Fraxure Pokemon GO Pokedex

Fraxure Weaknesses & Resistances in Pokemon GO

These are Fraxure’s weaknesses and resistances in Pokemon GO:


Dragon, Fairy, and Ice-type attacks deal 160% damage to Fraxure. Meanwhile, Electric, Fire, Grass, and Water-type attacks deal just 63% damage to it.

Pokemon GO Axew Fraxure Haxorus Evolution

Best Pokemon to Counter Fraxure in Raids

The best Pokemon to counter Fraxure in Raids are powerful Dragon-type Pokemon like Rayquaza, Palkia, Salamence, and Zekrom.

To make this battle even easier by boosting that attack of your other Dragon-types, you can use a Dragon-type Mega Pokemon like Mega Salamence or Mega Latios!

These are the top 10 Pokemon to use against Fraxure and their strongest attacks:

PokemonImageFast AttackCharged Attack
Mega SalamenceMega Salamence Pokemon GODragon TailOutrage
Mega GardevoirMega Gardevoir Pokemon GOCharmDazzling Gleam
Mega LatiosMega Latios Pokemon GODragon BreathDragon Claw
RayquazaRayquaza Pokemon GODragon TailOutrage
PalkiaPalkia Pokemon GODragon TailDraco Meteor
SalamenceSalamence Pokemon GODragon TailDraco Meteor
ZekromPokemon GO ZekromDragon BreathOutrage
DialgaDialga Pokemon GODragon BreathDraco Meteor
DragoniteDragonite Pokemon GODragon BreathOutrage
ReshiramPokemon GO ReshiramDragon BreathDraco Meteor

When is Fraxure in Pokemon GO Raids?

Fraxure is in Raids from 5 PM to 10 PM local time on June 6, 2023. This is following the Pokemon GO Axew Community Day event.

You can only take part in these Fraxure Raids in-person as you cannot use Remote Raid Passes for Community Day Raids.

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