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Pokemon GO Field Notes: Starly Ticket is Now on Sale – July Community Day

Starly is the featured Pokemon for the upcoming Pokemon GO July Community Day and players are already able to buy the Field Notes: Starly Ticket to access a Special Research Story!

Community Days are probably the most exciting day of the month for any Pokemon trainer. Not only do they put one particular Pokemon in the spotlight, but there are themed Raids to take part in and Special Research to complete as well.

The featured Pokemon of the July 2022 Pokemon GO Community Day is Starly. And, in addition to catching as many of Starly as they can, some players will also want to complete some limited-time research.

However, to do this, they will first need to buy a ticket to the Community Day Special Research Story.

But before you find out how to get your ticket, here’s everything you need to know about Pokemon GO Starly Community Day!

Starly Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO Field Notes: Starly Ticket – What Does it Do?, Price & Gifting

The Field Notes: Starly Ticket is now on sale in the Pokemon GO Item Shop and it costs $1 (or equivalent in local currency).

Buying it will give you access to the Special Research story taking place on Community Day.

This Research can only be completed during the Community Day and will almost certainly reward players with Starly Candy and encounters with Starly and its evolved forms.

Now that you can finally search by IV values in Pokemon GO, sorting through every Starly you catch on Community Day will be much easier!

Pokemon GO Field Notes Starly Ticket

Moreover, Pokemon trainers can gift a Field Notes: Starly ticket to their friends to give them access to the Special Research.

If you want to gift a Ticket to one of your friends, click the ‘gift’ option instead of ‘buy’ when purchasing the ticket.

Let’s hope that this Special Research is a good one. Some Pokemon GO players are disappointed with the Starly Community Day before it has even begun!

We may be halfway through the month already, but there is plenty more coming to Pokemon GO in July 2022.

First, you’ll want to know all of the upcoming Pokemon GO Spotlight Hours. They may not last as long as Community Days, but they are another great opportunity to catch Pokemon.

Also, make sure you know the July 2022 Pokemon GO Mega and Legendary Raid schedule. There are loads of fan-favorite Pokemon as Raid Bosses this month!

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