The 2023 Pokemon GO Festival of Colors event is taking place from 10 AM local time on March 8 to 8 PM local time on March 14.

This is the third year that the festival is running, and, like previous editions, it is all about brightly-colored Pokemon.

Festival of Colors 2023 is one of the highlights of a busy Pokemon GO events schedule for March 2023 and features a couple of brand-new Pokemon, some great in-game bonuses, and everything else you would expect!

New Pokemon in 2023 Festival of Colors

Two new Pokemon will be making their Pokemon GO debuts during the 2023 Festival of Colors event. They are:

  • Mega Medicham
  • Bruxish

Players can earn Medicham Mega Energy Energy by beating Mega Medicham in Raids. Meanwhile, Bruxish can be found in the wild or as a 1-Star Raid boss.

Mega Medicham Bruxish Pokemon GO

2023 Festival of Colors Event Bonuses

The following in-game bonuses will be active for all trainers throughout the whole of the 2023 Festival of Colors event:

What’s more, players will be able to catch the shiny version of Smeargle during this event. Find out the exact chance of this in our Pokemon GO shiny odds guide!

Smeargle Pokemon GO

Everything Else New in the Pokemon GO Festival of Colors 2023 Event

In addition to the two new Pokemon and the event bonuses, the following new content will also be part of the Festival of Colors:

  • Brightly-colored Pokemon spawns
  • New Selection of Raid bosses
  • New Field Research Tasks and rewards, including all Oricorio styles
  • Festival of Colors Collection Challenge
  • A colorful surprise around PokeStops!
  • Color Throw Pose for your Avatar
Pokemon GO Festival of Colors Pose

Of course, the weekly Pokemon GO events will also be taking place during this week-long event too. Find out the Spotlight Hour as well as the Raid Hour dates and featured Pokemon for this week!

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