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Pokemon GO Fest 2022 Official Dates Revealed

Niantic has just announced more dates for Pokemon GO Fest 2022!

First happening in 2017, Pokemon GO fest is returning this summer, with the USA, Germany, and Japan all hosting the events once more. Players will likely see a multitude of benefits and events.

In 2019 the Pokemon Go Fest held in Chicago, Dortmund and Yokohama each featured a selection of Pokemon that were regionally exclusive.

These were Pachirisu, Carnivine and, Chatot respectively. It is very likely that this will continue for the 2022 in-person Pokemon GO Fest.

Pokemon GO Fest 2022

Pokemon GO Fest 2022 – Everything We Know

This year’s Pokemon GO Fest will be a Global event happening over a two-day period: June 4 and June 5.

There will be select locations where in-person Pokemon GO Fests will be happening like in years past:

  • Berlin, Germany – July 1 – July 3
  • Seattle, USA – July 22- July 24
  • Sapporo, Japan – August 5 – August 7

Furthermore, Players attending the in-person Fests will likely be able to gain exclusive research, medals, and photobomb.

Team Rocket members previously conducted the Photobombs. Given what has been unearthed about the April Fool’s event, however, there is a chance that Professors will be performing the photobombs this time.

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Pokemon GO

Players around the world will not be left out of the celebration. Benefits will likely be available, going off previous years players may see the following as benefits:

  • Shiny Pokemon release (In 2019 this was Horsea)
  • Themed Pokemon Spawn increase
  • Shop special offers
  • New avatar items

Given the Pokemon Company’s recent stress about the #SeasonofAlola event, it’s likely that the featured Pokemon for this event will be Alolan!

Furthermore, there will also be a “Finale event” happening on Saturday, August 27. With what we know about Pokemon Fests held in the past, players will likely be spoiled once more.

Don’t miss all of Pokemon GO’s exciting plans for April!

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