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Pokemon GO Fashion Week 2022 Event Guide: Dates, New Pokemon & More

Show off your style during Pokemon GO Fashion Week 2022. You’ll also be able to get some new Pokemon too.

Every trainer loves an event, and this one is no different. Fashion Week is making a triumphant return, bringing new Pokemon as well as plenty of other content.

If you and your party of Pokemon love to show your style, this event will be perfect for you, but when does Fashion Week start, and what new ‘Mon can you get?

Pokemon GO Fashion Week 2022 Start Date

The Fashion Week 2022 Pokemon GO event will start on September 27 at 10 AM local time.

You’ll have plenty of content to enjoy during this event, so make sure you’re playing for the duration of it!

Pokemon GO Fashion Week 2022 Avatar Items

Pokemon GO Fashion Week 2022 End Date

The Fashion Week 2022 event will end on October 3 at 8 PM local time.

You won’t have long until the event is over, so you’ll definitely want to take advantage of everything Pokemon GO has to offer while the event is running.

New Pokemon in the Fashion Week 2022 Event

Two new Pokemon will be making their debut during the Fashion Week event:

  • Mareanie
  • Toxapex

Mareanie can be evolved into Toxapex by using 50 Mareanie Candy. If you want both of the new Pokemon, find out how to earn more Candy in Pokemon GO.

Mareanie next to Pokemon GO logo

All of the New Content in the Pokemon GO Fashion Week 2022 Event

These are all the bonuses and surprises that are arriving with the Fashion Week 2022 event in Pokemon GO:

  • New costumed Pokemon
  • Fashion Week-themed Timed Research
  • New Pokemon in Raids
  • Stylish wild Pokemon spawns
  • Event-themed Field Research Tasks
  • Fashionable Pokemon appearing in 7km Eggs

As you can see, the new ‘Mon isn’t the only thing different during the event!

Make sure you know how to get Raid Passes in Pokemon GO, so you don’t miss out on any of the new Pokemon!

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