Pokemon GO Fashion Week is back for 2022 – here are all of the different wild Pokemon you’ll be able to find during the event!

Pokemon GO’s yearly celebration of style, Fashion Week, is once again back in 2022 and this means that there is plenty of new in-game content for players to experience.

As part of everything in the Pokemon GO 2022 Fashion Week, there is a new collection of wild Pokemon that players can encounter. Naturally, these are some of the most fashionable costumed Pokemon around!

What’s more, the brand-new Pokemon Mareanie will also be out in the wild for the first time ever in Pokemon GO!

Some Pokemon featured in Pokemon GO Fashion Week

Here is every Pokemon that you’ll be able to encounter in the wild during 2022 Fashion Week! This will be running from September 27 to October 3.

Before you head out to find some pokemon check our ultimate Pokemon GO shiny odds guide. This will tell you your exact chances of catching shiny Pokemon!

Every Wild Pokemon Encounter in the Pokemon GO 2022 Fashion Week Event

You can catch 12 Pokemon in the wild during the 2022 Pokemon GO Fashion Week, including 6 costumed Pokemon. They are:

PokemonImageCan it be Shiny?
Butterfree (Costumed)Fashion Week Butterfree Pokemon GOYes
MurkrowMurkrow Pokemon GOYes
GlameowGlameow Pokemon GOYes
Croagunk (Costumed)Fashion Week Croagunk Pokemon GOYes
Blitzle (Costumed)Fashion Week Blitzle Pokemon GOYes
GothitaGothita Pokemon GONo
Frillish (Female)Frillish (Female) Pokemon GONo
FurfrouFurfrou Pokemon GOYes
MareanieMareanie Pokemon GONo
Diglett (Costumed)Fashion Week Diglett Pokemon GOYes
Kirlia (Costumed)Fashion Week Kirlia Pokemon GOYes
Absol (Costumed)Fashion Week Absol Pokemon GOYes

Some of these Pokemon are also available to hatch from the new 2022 Fashion Week 7km Egg. Make sure to stock up on Incubators so that you can hatch them!

Or, if you prefer to battle, you can defeat the Raid bosses in the Pokemon GO 2022 Fashion Week. There are plenty of costumed Pokemon in Raids as well as some other very exciting Pokemon.

What’s more, the Legendary 5-Star Raid boss Yveltal has finally returned to Pokemon GO Raids for players to battle! Check out our Pokemon GO Yveltal Raid Guide so you know exactly how to defeat this powerful Legendary Pokemon!

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