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Pokemon GO Fans Want Mega Legendary 6 Star Raid Changes – Easier Battles & Better Rewards

Mega Legendary Raids have finally made their way into Pokemon GO but players aren’t happy – they want the battles to be easier and a buff for the rewards!

Pokemon GO gets regular updates to add more content for trainers to complete. However, not all of them go down well with fans.

The huge Pokemon GO Mega Evolution update made some major changes to how you can Mega Evolve Pokemon and shortly after the first Mega Legendary Raids arrived in the game.

However, with Mega Latias and Mega Latios now in Pokemon GO, players have been slightly disappointed with the raids for them for a number of reasons. Here’s all the changes players want for Mega Legendary Raids in an upcoming Pokemon GO Update!

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The Mega eon duo, Mega Latios and Mega Latias, and flying together in front of a bright blue sky. In the background, a passenger airplane can be seen in front of some white clouds.

Fans Think Pokemon GO Mega Legendary Raids Need Some Major Changes

The Pokemon GO Air Adventures Event added a new Flying Pikachu as well as Mega Latias and Latios Raids but players are frustrated with the new Mega Legendary Raids.

The Pokemon GO subreddit is full of different complaints about the Mega Latias and Mega Latios raids.

Firstly, some players think that they are simply too hard as you ideally need around 8-10 trainers to beat the raid and battling KO’s so many of your Pokemon. This uses up plenty of revives and potions in your inventory.

Make sure to follow our Mega Latias & Latios Raid Guide to take down these Pokemon easily.

Pokemon GO Flying Pikachu

This links perfectly to the next problem players have which is the lack of rewards. The amount of revives you get for winning these raids is much less what you’ll have to use on your KO’d Pokemon.

Although some players are reporting that you can now earn Rare Candy XL from Raids!

Finally, to make matters even worse, it’s extremely difficult to actually catch Latias or Latios after you beat the raid. The timer is the same for normal Legendary Raids which means that players might only end up with 8 Pokeballs to catch Latias or Latios with.

There’s nothing worse than using a Distance Raid Pass and then leaving the raid without even catching the Pokemon!

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Pokemon GO Latias Latios

Are 6 Star Raids Too Difficult in Pokemon GO?

Not all players agree that Mega Legendary Raids should be easier. In fact, plenty of Pokemon GO fans are happy with them being this difficult.

After all, Mega Legendary Raids are supposed to be the most difficult battles in the whole game. Plus, high-level trainers have been looking for some more challenge for ages now.

If the Mega Latias and Latios Raids are too hard, make sure you’re using the best Pokemon GO Raid team for May 2022!

Despite this, everyone seems to agree that the rewards need a buff in order to actually make Mega Legendary Raids worthwhile.

Hopefully, Niantic listens to fan feedback and makes some tweaks that all players are happy with. Maybe an increased timer for the raids alongside some better rewards would do the trick!

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In other news, a datamine has revealed an upcoming Pokemon GO Furret Walk challenge! This could be a great new addition to the game.

Also, find out everything you need to know about the Alolan Geodude Community Day. There’s even an added chance of getting some shinies!

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Dianne Augustine

Thursday 5th of May 2022

I like the difficulty of the 6 tier raids but sadly I am sitting them out. I refuse to buy max revives to revive the additional Pokémon taken down by the more difficult raid. I live in a small rural city and it takes hours of opening gifts and spinning gyms/ stops to get enough max revives or potions in order to leak all my Pokémon. That is ridiculous! Instead of doing 6 to 10 tier 5 raids each day, I am only doing one or two. Oh well, if enough people do the same and just raids less, Niantic will get the message. Niantic is expecting to take in more dough with people buying max revives. I will not do it.


Thursday 5th of May 2022

I personally think its awesome with what they did the reward improvement would be nice though.


Thursday 5th of May 2022

Finally there is a challenge to raiding in Pogo since with a few of the other T5 raid bosses I was able to defeat them just with my primary account and alt. The only ones I have heard complaining in my raid groups are the trainers over level 40 who refuse to spend stardust to power up their attackers or who are too lazy to set up an effective attack force as a battle party prior to entering the raid. They are then reliant upon the recommended battle party from Niantic and thus have no chance for victory. If battling an 84K HP raid boss you are going to lose at least 5-8 (or more) attackers in each battle, so your easiest solution is to do at least one tier three battle for every tier 5 so you can maintain a decent amount of revives and potions. Obviously I am glad to finally see a challenge and very unsympathetic to those who demand maximum rewards for minimum effort!!!


Thursday 5th of May 2022

I think they're great. The local players finally have a reason to meet up again and need to rely on one another to meet the challenge. It's an outdoorsy and social game, and the new t6 raids give something new to aim for. Too many people focus on feelings of failure or missing out, but the greater feeling of elation and achievement should be looked forward to also.


Thursday 5th of May 2022

Difficulty is fine. Reward should be much better though.