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Pokemon GO Fans Want Legendaries in Research Breakthroughs Again

Pokemon GO fans are asking for the return of a number of cut features in the game. First and foremost, the return of Legendary Pokemon in Research Breakthroughs!

While Pokemon GO continues to get more updates, many fans of the game are not happy at the moment.

Following the “biggest letdown of the year” that was GO Fest 2022, some players have become upset with the state of the game at the moment.

Recently, the anger of players has been directed towards region-specific Pokemon but there is another major issue that is frustrating players at the moment.

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Specifically, players want the return of a number of features that Niantic has removed recently. Of course, this includes Legendary Pokemon being available as Research Breakthroughs as well as a number of other features that are no longer in the game!

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Pokemon GO Fans Want Cut Features to Return – Legendary Pokemon in Research Breakthroughs & More

Recently one of the main concerns for Pokemon GO players is that Niantic hasn’t been listening to them. Let’s hope the developer hears this request!

A popular new post on the Pokemon GO subreddit as Niantic to bring back some of the game’s cut features.

The biggest of these features is the encounters with Legendary Pokemon for collecting 7 Field Research Stamps and getting a Research Breakthrough.

That’s right – for all of you new Pokemon trainers, Pokemon GO used to give everyone the chance to encounter a Legendary Pokemon every week! However, Niantic removed this feature, much to the disappointment of players.

Find out all of the limited-time Field Research Tasks during the Pokemon GO TCG event!

Pokemon GO

In addition to the Research Breakthrough changes, Pokemon GO players want the return of EX Raids soon. Plus, a ‘Ready’ button for Raids so you can start them before the timer runs out.

Even if there aren’t EX Raids anymore, you’ll still want to know all of the Pokemon in Raids during the TCG Crossover event.

Finally, Redditor u/Parker4815 would like to see Giovanni return more often. At the moment, he only appears in Team Rocket events and it would be nice to battle him more often.

Although there is one more change that players want to be reverted. It’s surprising the Reddit post didn’t mention that Remote Raid Passes are way harder to get now!

Hopefully, Niantic listens to these popular Pokemon GO fan requests about Research Breakthroughs and more and adds these features back into the game. Although, at least there are some exciting updates coming to Pokemon GO soon.

A massive Pokemon GO leak has revealed over 50 upcoming Pokemon. These could all arrive during the Season of GO!

What’s more, we are still yet to see the datamined Pokemon GO Furret Walk challenge. Hopefully, it’ll arrive soon.

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