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Pokemon GO Fans Want In-Game Event Calendar to Easily Track Updates

Pokemon GO fans have come up with a great idea to keep track of all of the upcoming in-game events – an in-game calendar!

Every Pokemon GO player can’t wait for the upcoming in-game events. Whether it’s a Community Day, Spotlight Hour, or seasonal event, players can’t wait for them to arrive.

However, even more than most months, April has loads of Pokemon GO events and players are struggling to keep up.

Starting off with April Fools’ Day, the past month has been extremely busy with the Spring into Spring event as well as 2022 Sustainability Week, the Stufful Community Day, and more!

While players love how many events there have been this month, it has also become slightly overwhelming for some. However, there is an easy solution that players want Niantic to add – an event calendar for Pokemon GO.

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Pokemon GO Croagunk

Pokemon GO Players Want In-Game Event Calendar

Pokemon GO gets regular updates and events every month to keep players interested, but there needs to be a better way of keeping track of them all!

A popular new post on the game’s subreddit asks for a way to easily track everything coming to Pokemon GO.

While Niantic does announce all of the upcoming events like Pokemon GO Fest 2022, in blog posts, it is difficult to sift through all of the information in them. Plus, you have to leave the game to actually read these posts and then make a note of them elsewhere.

A simple solution to help players stay up to date would be to have an event calendar actually in Pokemon GO!

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Pokemon GO Oddish

This proposed calendar should be easily-accessible in-game and would have the dates of all the important changes. This includes everything from the legendary 5* star raids to upcoming events.

Another feature proposed by Redditor u/sveardze is notifications for when these changes go live in-game. While Pokemon GO does sometimes remind players of in-game events, it could definitely be better at this to remind players.

Hopefully, Niantic listens to fans and adds a Pokemon GO event calendar in a future update. After all, a datamine has revealed a new upcoming event and Furret Walk Challenge that fans won’t want to miss!

In other news, players have a couple of major problems with the game at the moment. Firstly, fans are annoyed that incense is now “worthless” in Pokemon GO!

Additionally, disabled Pokemon GO fans are calling the game “impossible”! This is following a number of controversial changes to in-game events.

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