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Pokemon GO Fans Say Incense is “Worthless” After Nerf

Pokemon GO players have finally had enough with incense in the game. But why are players so fed up with this once-powerful item?

Even more than in other titles in the series, Pokemon GO is about catching ’em all! Luckily, there are a couple of items that can boost your chances to encounter Pokemon in the wild.

While players can use different types of lures to attract Pokemon to Pokestops, incense is even more valuable as it can be used anywhere to attract Pokemon to your location.

At least, it used to be. Niantic nerfed the effectiveness of incense back in March.

Not only did the incense changes ruin the Mudkip Community Day Classic but fans are now calling the once-powerful item worthless!

At least the upcoming Pokemon GO Sustainability Week is something to cheer players up!

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Pokemon GO Players Want Niantic to Revert Incense Nerf

With a new Pokemon making its Pokemon GO debut very soon, players want developer Niantic to revert the changes to incense!

A new post on the Pokemon GO subreddit calls incense “worthless” and it’s fair to say a large portion of players agree.

Back in March, Niantic made incense way less effective. Previously it attracted a Pokemon every minute, but now you only attract a Pokemon every 5 minutes.

Of course, this makes tasks like the Spring into Spring Collection Event and quests like An Ula’ula Adventure much more difficult. Plus, it reduces how many candies you can earn for evolving and powering up Pokemon and makes shiny farming harder.

Therefore, many Pokemon GO players never want to buy incense again as it simply isn’t a good use of coins.

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Hopefully, Niantic listens to players and buffs the incense in Pokemon GO again. It may never be as effective as it once was but even a chance to make it attract Pokemon faster would be appreciated.

However, the developer is already busy working on new content. A leak has revealed that Mega Legendary Raids could be coming to Pokemon GO.

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