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Pokemon GO Fans Say Adventure Week Was The “Best Event in Ages”

Pokemon GO’s Adventure Week was one of the best in-game events in ages – here’s why players absolutely loved it!

Events are supposed to be some of the most exciting times to be a Pokemon GO player, but this hasn’t necessarily been the case recently.

In particular, fans said that Pokemon GO Fest 2022 was the “biggest letdown of the year” but there have been other events that have disappointed too.

However, the latest Pokemon GO event, Adventure Week 2022 was one of the very best in a long time. Here’s what players have to say about it.

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Pokemon GO Ultra Unlock Limited Research Day

Pokemon GO Players Love The Adventure Week Event

Pokemon GO’s Adventure Week had plenty of exciting content and players seemed to love it all!

A popular new post on r/TheSilphRoad explains why players loved Pokemon GO Adventure Week 2022 so much!

First and foremost the two new Pokemon, Tyrunt and Amaura, make Adventure week so exciting. Not only were they reasonably easy to catch, but they also had some really cool evolved forms.

Find out how to evolve these Pokemon if you haven’t already:

Secondly, players loved all of the research in Pokemon GO Adventure Week. The event had some great Field Research encounters, plus the Adventure Challenge rewarded players handsomely for exploring!

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Pokemon GO Tyrunt

Finally, the post described the end-of-event Adventure Week Research Day as the “icing on the cake” for this great event.

This is despite many players complaining about the low Tyrunt and Amaura spawn rates during the Research Day!

Let’s hope that the next event, the Pokemon GO TCG crossover event is just as good as Adventure Week was.

It’s already looking good as two exciting new Pokemon are making their Pokemon GO Debuts! Plus, a new leak has revealed plenty more upcoming Pokemon for the Season of GO!

There’s also a Pokemon GO Deino Community Day to look forward to. This could be the best one so far this year.

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