Pokemon GO’s 2023 Halloween event promised additional Rare Candy for catching costumed Pokemon, but many players think this bonus was more trick than treat!

Halloween is always a big deal in Pokemon GO, with plenty of Pokemon dressing up and a bumper two-part event. And this Halloween event brought plenty of goodies for players, including a selection of exciting in-game bonuses.

This year’s event even included a bonus that was supposed to let players earn extra Rare Candy on October 31. However, this bonus was a let-down for many Pokemon trainers!

2023 Pokemon GO Halloween Part 2

October 31 Rare Candy Bonus Was a Major Disappointment

The blog post for Part 2 of the 2023 Halloween event in Pokemon GO said that “on October 31, costumed Pokemon will have a chance to give Rare Candy or Rare Candy XL when caught”.

While this was true, a couple of essential details about this bonus were missing, leading to plenty of angry players.

Firstly, Niantic did not specify when this bonus would activate in-game. Many Pokemon trainers began playing as soon as the clock struck midnight at the beginning of October 31 to make the most of this bonus and were left very disappointed.

The Rare Candy bonus did not activate until 10 AM local time, but this wasn’t specified in the blog post. Therefore, many players wasted their time, Poke Balls, and even Incense in some cases!

This has led Redditor r/Unbekannnt0 to describe this bonus as a “scam”, and hundreds of other Pokemon GO players agree.

To make matters worse, the Pokemon GO community also complained about the Rare Candy drop rate with the bonus.

Players report that the Rare Candy drop rate was less than 1 in 100, even after the event boosted it. This makes the increased chance almost worthless, especially considering that way less than half of the Pokemon spawning in the wild were wearing costumes!

Initial excitement at the prospect of getting more Rare Candy quickly turned into disappointment. After all, a couple of Rare Candy isn’t a great reward, considering how long it takes to catch hundreds of Pokemon.

Hopefully, Niantic noticed the uproar about Halloween Rare Candy from Pokemon GO fans and adjusts its approach in the future.

Even if the developer does not want to boost the drop rate further, some clearer communication will go a long way to restoring the faith of some upset community members.

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