Pokemon GO Community Days are a lot shorter than they used to be and players have become increasingly frustrated!

Every month, Pokemon GO has a Community Day. This is an event where Niantic selects one Pokemon to be featured and makes them much easier to catch.

Plus, Community Days have extras like bonuses for evolving the featured Pokemon, limited-time Raids, and even Special Research stories. That’s without even mentioning that some feature the debut of shiny Pokemon!

However, following the July 2022 Starly Community Day, players are complaining about how short the events have been recent. This is because players are struggling to complete what the Community Days have to offer if they can even take part at all!

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Alolan Geodude Community Day

Pokemon GO Players Want Longer Community Days Again

Earlier this year, Pokemon GO developer Niantic decided to reduce the length of Community Days to just 3 hours. While this was already an unpopular change, a few months of these short Community Days has left players fed up.

A post on the Pokemon GO subreddit shows how frustrated players are with the state of Community Days right now. It asks Niantic to “rethink what a ‘day’ is”.

After all, an event that lasts only 3 hours is hardly a ‘day’ for Pokemon GO players to enjoy. In fact, many players can’t even take part in the Community Days because they are at work or busy during the 3-hour period.

At least Pokemon GO Community Days have a boosted shiny rate though!

Of course, many players would like to see the time for Community Days be extended, but probably isn’t going to happen. There are some other great solutions to this problem suggested by fans though.

Pokemon GO Deino Community Day

One great idea from u/Beau_Buffett suggests that everyone gets a Community Day item. This would allow players to select to start the 3-hour Community Day at a time that suits them.

Let’s hope that Niantic listens to fans and makes some tweaks to Pokemon GO Community Days soon. Everyone wants to look forward to these monthly events again but, recently, they have been disappointing.

In other news, a datamine has revealed over 50 upcoming Pokemon in Pokemon GO. Better stock up on Pokeballs before they arrive!

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