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Pokemon GO Fans Call GO Fest 2022 “The Biggest Letdown of The Year”

Pokemon GO Fest 2022 has come to an end and fans of the game have some major complaints about this year’s event!

Pokemon trainers are always looking forward to in-game events in Pokemon GO and the yearly Pokemon GO Fest is the biggest of them all.

GO Fest 2022 featured a new Shaymin form as well as new shiny Pokemon. Therefore, players couldn’t wait for the event to arrive.

However, after it has come to a close, many can’t help but feel disappointed even if they managed to get the limited-edition Shaymin costumed Pikachu.

Here’s why Pokemon GO Fest 2022 was such a letdown for many fans of the game.

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Pokemon GO Fest 2022

All of the Problems With Pokemon GO Fest 2022 – Incense Glitch, Shiny Rates & More

Before the event even began, players were frustrated with the state of Pokemon GO – that’s why so many players boycotted Pokemon GO Fest this year. However, the players who didn’t skip this year’s Fest were left disappointed.

The Pokemon GO subreddit is now full of complaints about Pokemon GO Fest 2022, following the conclusion of the event. However, one post by Redditor u/TheChurromeister_ sums up all of the issues fans had during GO Fest 2022 and calls the event “the biggest letdown of the year”.

Incense Glitch

Firstly, a glitch during GO Fest broke incense and caused Pokemon to flee when you clicked on them. This combined with the extremely unpopular Pokemon GO incense nerf meant players could catch far fewer Pokemon than in previous GO Fests.

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Pokemon GO Orange Incense

Shiny Rates

Next, the shiny rates in Pokemon GO Fest 2022 also seemed to be much lower than in past events. One of the main reasons players participate in GO Fest is to get shinies, but this year’s event seemed to have way fewer shinies actually spawn!

It wasn’t just the shiny rates of wild Pokemon that was a problem either. u/TheChurromeister_ apparently did 17 Axew raids and didn’t get a single shiny version of the Pokemon!

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Pokemon GO Kyogre

GO Fest 2022 Raids

Finally, Pokemon trainers also took issue with the Raids in Pokemon GO Fest 2022. Legendaries Groudon and Kyogre were both raid bosses during GO Fest, but they didn’t have any new moves, so many longtime players didn’t think they were worth battling.

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Plus, the new Ultra Beast in Raids, Nihilego was not available in shiny form. Therefore, players didn’t feel the need to battle this new Pokemon more than once.

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Let’s hope that Niantic listens to fans and makes some major improvements for next year’s GO Fest. However, fans have been begging Niantic to listen to feedback for ages and it hasn’t seemed to work so far.

Although, this week’s Pokemon GO Adventure Week could be the perfect opportunity to please some fed-up fans.

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Christopher Barney

Monday 6th of June 2022

I played. I had fun. I caught similar umbers of shinies an in previous in person go fest events. Last years global gif fest had higher shiny rates, I actually thought it had too many and devalued getting a shiny. I thought the day two research was the most interesting story yet, it was funny and well written and had a twist ending I didn’t see coming. I don’t have a shiny Groudon so I was happy to have the chance to hunt one… still don’t have one… not whining about it! Also, the $15 ticket is for three days this year. The final one is at the end of the summer. So if you say that the ticket wasn’t worth it you haven’t seen at least 1/3rd of the event. I agree that the bugs sucked. Mia tic has actually been good about compensating in event bugs so take a breath and see if they announce a make up incense day.