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Pokemon GO Fans Beg Developer Niantic To Listen to Their Concerns

Some Pokemon GO Fans are beginning to become fed up with the developer, Niantic, and want the studio to listen to the concerns they have!

With any game that gets regular updates, it’s important for the fans and developers to have a good relationship and communicate with each other.

Niantic has historically been very open with players. However, many fans are now beginning to question whether the developer is actually listening to their concerns.

But why are Pokemon GO players so upset with Niantic right now?

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Pokemon GO Ludicolo

Why Are Pokemon GO Fans Fed Up With Niantic?

Players on the Pokemon GO subreddit are getting increasingly frustrated with Niantic for the unpopular changes they have made in updates over the last couple of months.

There have been three changes in particular over the past few months that have annoyed fans. The first of which has to do with incense.

Players now think that incense is “worthless” in Pokemon GO after its effectiveness was got a nerf.

Then, in April, Niantic decided to half the length of Community Days down to 3 hours. This totally ruined the Mudkip Community Day Classic and has made it much more difficult to get Bewear in the Stufful Community Day too.

Pokemon GO

Finally, and most recently, Niantic has made some major changes to how you can get Remote Raid Passes in Pokemon GO. Not only are Remote Raid Passes much harder to get now but players absolutely hate the Remote Raid Pass price increase.

However, these are just the problems from the Reddit post. Other issues include Pokemon GO now being “impossible” for disabled fans and the loading bar bug that stops logging in.

Hopefully, Niantic sees this post and starts to listen to fan feedback a bit more. Some players said they are done with the game already so the discontent getting worse could be a disaster.

Despite the grievances players have, Niantic has made some good Pokemon GO updates recently too. Pokemon are now way easier to mega evolve and there is the new Pokemon GO Buddy Widget too!

What’s more, you can now claim Amazon Prime Gaming rewards in Pokemon GO. This is a nice little bonus for players with Prime!

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Friday 20th of May 2022

they really do hate their disabled fanbase. its awful.