Here’s every event coming to Pokemon GO in February 2023, as well as their dates:

Pokemon GO February 2023 Events Schedule
Credit: Niantic

Crackling Voltage (February 1 – 5)

The Pokemon GO Crackling Voltage event began during January but continues for the first few days of February too. This shines a light on loads of the Electric-type Pokemon in the game!

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Pokemon GO Crackling Voltage Event

Team GO Rocket Takeover (February 1 – 5)

The first Team GO Rocket Takeover of 2023 is taking place from February 1 – 5, and it features plenty of brand-new Shadow Pokemon, including a new Shadow Legendary!

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Pokemon GO Giovanni Shadow Registeel

Noibat Community Day (February 5)

The featured Pokemon for the February 2023 Pokemon GO Community Day is none other than Noibat. This is one of the most exciting featured Pokemon in quite a while, thanks to its rarity, and shiny Noibat will be available to catch too!

Pokemon GO Noibat Community Day

Valentine’s Day Event (February 8 – 14)

Pokemon GO will be celebrating Valentine’s Day in 2023 with the debut of a brand-new Mega Pokemon. As well as Mega Gardevoir’s Mega debut, players can look forward to the return of Tapu Lele to Raids!

Pokemon GO Valentine's Day 2023

Luvdisc Limited Research (February 11)

Pokemon GO players will be able to complete Limited Research centered around Luvdisc on February 11, in the middle of the Valentine’s Day event!

Pokemon GO Luvdisc Limited Research

Primal Rumblings (February 22 – 24)

The Primal Rumblings event will see the return of Rayquaza, Mega Latias, and Mega Latios in Pokemon GO. What’s more, it suggests that something even more exciting will follow…

Primal Rumblings Pokemon GO Event

Pokemon GO Tour: Hoenn – Global (February 25 – 26)

The in-person Pokemon GO Tour: Hoenn event is going global at the end of February. As the Primal Rumblings event hints, this could be the first appearance of Primal Groudon and Kyogre worldwide!

Pokemon GO Kyogre, Rayquaza, Groudon

In addition to the major events taking place in Pokemon GO this month, there is plenty more to look forward to in the game:

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