Every in-game event adds new things to do for Pokemon GO players and there are plenty to look forward to in April 2023.

These are all of the Pokemon GO events happening in April 2023, as well as when they are taking place:

In addition to these major events, there are also the April 2023 Spotlight Hours and the weekly Raid Hour events that you won’t want to miss!

April 2023 Pokemon GO Events Schedule
Credit: Niantic

Spring Into Spring – April 4-10

The first Pokemon GO event of April 2023 is the Spring Into Spring event.

This year’s edition features the brand-new Pokemon Cutiefly and its evolved form Ribombee!

Pokemon GO Spring Into Spring Event 2023

Elite Raids: April 9

Following Regidrago Elite Raids last month, another new Legendary Pokemon is appearing in Elite Raids in April 2023.

Pokemon trainers will be able to battle and catch Regieleki at three different times on April 9!

New Elite Raids Regieleki Pokemon GO

A Mystic Hero: April 13-17

The A Mystic Hero event is adding a new Timed Research and a new Special Research to complete.

Players can also earn a Blanche-costumed Lapras by finishing the Special Research Story!

How to Complete A Mystic Hero Special & Timed Research in Pokemon GO

Togetic Community Day: April 15

April 2023’s Community Day is a very exciting one as it features Togetic!

You’ll definitely want to catch as many as you can only the Community Day as this rare Pokemon doesn’t spawn very often.

Read More: Pokemon GO Community Days Guide

Pokemon GO Togetic Community Day

Sustainability Week: April 20-26

Pokemon GO’s annual Sustainability Week event is back for 2023 and will feature brand-new Pokemon.

For the first time ever, players will able to catch Bounsweet and evolve it into Steenee and Tsareena!

Pokemon GO Sustainability Week 2023

Limited Research: April 23

Niantic has also marked some Limited Research on the April 2023 Pokemon GO events schedule.

The exact Research is not known just yet, but we imagine it will tie in to Sustainability Week.

Swinub Community Day Classic: April 29

Finally, to cap off an exciting April for Pokemon GO players is a Community Day Classic featuring Swinub.

It will also include the exclusive Ancient Power for Mamoswine as well as Community Day Timed Research!

Pokemon GO Swinub Community Day Classic

In addition to all of the Pokemon GO events this month, make sure to check out the April 2023 Mega and Legendary Raid schedule. There are plenty of exciting bosses to battle and catch!

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