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Pokemon GO: Electrify the Sky Task Guide & All Rewards – Air Adventures

Pokemon GO’s Air Adventures is live now, and its Electrify the Sky event brings some easy tasks and cool rewards!

The Pokemon GO Air Adventures event is finally here! As part of the event, there are some challenges.

In particular, Electrify the Sky is a catch challenge for this event. Completing the set of tasks in this challenge grants players unique rewards tied to the event.

If you are into Pokemon GO, these are certainly rewards you can not miss! Especially if you are a fan of Mega Latios and Latias.

Here is everything you need to complete the Electrify the Sky Catch Challenge in Pokemon GO’s Air Adventures!

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Flying Pikachu Electrify the Sky Pokemon Go
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Pokemon GO Air Adventures – Electrify the Sky All Tasks & Rewards Guide

The Pokemon GO Air Adventures Electrify the Sky Catch Challenge has two main tasks, and each of these grants a unique reward.

Additionally, completing both tasks also unlocks another set of rewards!

These are the two tasks you need to complete in Electrify the Sky:

  • Catch 10 Pikachu
  • Catch 30 Flying-type Pokemon

Completing these Catch Challenges grants the following rewards:

  • Completing the “Catch 10 Pikachu” Challenge – 50 Mega Latias Energy
  • Ending the “Catch 30 Flying-type Pokemon” Challenge – 50 Mega Latios Energy
  • Completing all challenges – 3000 XP & Flying Pikachu encounter

If you want to get your own Flying Pikachu, here is everything you need to know about catching your Flying Pikachu!

As well, you might also want to look into earning more Latios & Latias Mega Energy during this event.

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Electrify the Sky Catch Challenge Rewards Pokemon Go

Currently, Raids are getting some backlash in Pokemon GO. Players recently demanded changes to the Legendary 6 Raids.

Even though that is the case, not everything is a grim panorama. Some players are getting Rare Candy XL from Raids!

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