Here’s everything you need to know about the November 2022 Pokemon GO Community Day Classic, featuring Dratini!

Community Days are always a highlight for Pokemon GO players. This is especially the case when they feature such a popular Pokemon!

As part of the exciting November 2022 Pokemon GO events schedule, Dratini will be the focus of a Community Day Classic. This features event bonuses, Special Research, an exclusive Dragonite attack, and more!

Dratini is the featured Pokemon for November 2022 Community Day Classic. For the duration of this event, there will be plenty of wild Dratini that players can encounter.

Additionally, there are limited-time event bonuses, a featured Dragonite attack, and a Special Research Story that players can take part in.

Before you find out all of the details about this event, here’s a full rundown of Community Days in Pokemon GO!

Pokemon GO Communtiy Day Dratini

Dratini November Community Day Classic Date & Time

The Dratini Community Day Classic is from 2 PM to 5 PM local time on Saturday, November 5, 2022.

This gives players just 3 hours to catch Dratini, evolve it to get the featured Dragonite attack, and take advantage of all of the event bonuses.

Here’s how to boost the Candy you earn in Pokemon GO. You’ll definitely want to know this so you can get the most out of the Community Day.

Dratini Community Day Classic Bonuses

There are 4 different event bonuses that will be active for the whole duration of the November 2022 Dratini Community Day Classic. They are:

  • 3x Stardust for catching Pokemon
  • Lure Modules activated during the event will last 3 hours
  • Incense activated during the event will last 3 hours
  • A surprise snapshot encounter!

If you want to get this surprise encounter, you’ll first need to know how to take snapshots in Pokemon GO.

If you evolve Dratini into Dragonite at any point from 2 PM to 7 PM local time on the day of the Community Day Classic, November 5, it will know the charged attack Draco Meteor.

As this is an exclusive attack, the only other way to teach it Draco Meteor is by using an Elite Charged TM!

The stats for Draco Meteor are:

  • Trainer Battles: 150 power and decreases the user’s attack
  • Gyms and Raids: 150 power
Dragonite Draco Meteor

Dratini Community Day Classic Special Research Ticket

Players who want to access a Special Research Story on the Dratini Community Day Classic can purchase an event ticket for $1 (or local currency equivalent) from the in-game Shop.

This Special Research Story must be completed during the Community Day Classic to get all of the rewards.

Finishing the Tasks within it will reward players with Dragonite Candy and encounters with Pokemon in the Dragonite family.

Can Dratini Be Shiny in Pokemon GO?

You can catch a shiny version of Dratini in Pokemon GO and the best time to catch one is the Dratini Community Day Classic. This is because of the sheer amount of Dratini spawning in the wild.

Shiny Dratini is pink instead of light blue and can be evolved into a pink shiny Dragonair and then shiny Dragonite, which is green instead of orange.

Here’s the exact chance of catching shiny Dratini in Pokemon GO.

Shiny Dratini Pokemon GO

In other news, don’t forget to take part in all of the Pokemon GO Spotlight Hours in November 2022. Some of these have very exciting featured Pokemon!

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