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Pokemon GO Unlocks Double Catch Candy for Water Festival – End Date & Time

It’s an exciting time to be a Pokemon GO player. With the Season of Alola in full swing, a new event that will give you tons of candies for your pokemon has started. The water festival is now underway!

Today’s challenge for the players from the Water Festival was to catch 600.000.000 water-type Pokemon across the globe. Trainers worldwide worked together as a community and managed to hit the goal in time to receive a great bonus, 2x Catch Candy.

This bonus is available for all players, regardless of whether they took part in the challenge. The double catch candy bonus is beneficial for all players. It can help tremendously with evolving pokemon or powering them up.

If you’re looking to use your hard-earned candy and take full advantage of this event, check out our best pokemon for The Great League list.

Pokemon Go water festival 2x catch bonus

Pokemon GO Double Catch Candy for Water Festival End Date & Time

The double catch candy is now live. That means every pokemon you catch will give you double the candy. This might be an excellent time to use some of them if you’ve been saving up on incenses and lures.

This will also be great for the players who are yet to complete the Field Research Tasks & get the rewards for the Water Festival special quests.

Make sure you use your saved-up Pinap Berries on this one. Use a Pinap Berry and you’ll get double the bonus as well – that is 12 candies off a single catch.

The Double Catch Candy event started today, May 13, 2022, and will end in around seven days, on May 21, 2022. It will last for 7 days and 13 hours since it started, at 1 AM PT / 4 AM ET / 9 AM BST.

This event is not only great for newer or less experienced players but also more advanced players. You can build some truly amazing teams with so much candy to power up your pokemon.

Don’t miss the PvP rewards and take advantage of this event. Build one of the best teams for Great League in Pokemon GO.

For more on the Pokemon GO Double Catch Candy Water Festival visit this official page.

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