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Pokemon GO: Dialga Raid Guide – Counters & Weaknesses

Dialga is back in Pokemon GO raids! Read on to know how to beat this powerful Pokemon!

First debuting in generation IV this temporal Pokemon is available for players to catch from July 22 – July 31. It wraps up players being able to catch the legendary bird trio in the earlier weeks of July:

  • Articuno (July 1 – July 7)
  • Zapdos (July 7 – July 14)
  • Moltres (July 14 – July 22)

See the full Pokemon GO July raid schedule here!

Naturally, as a legendary Pokemon Dialga is insanely strong. We’ve prepared a guide below on everything you need to know to catch this Pokemon.


Best Counters To Dialga

Dialga Type Weakness

As a Steel/Dragon type Pokemon, there are only 2 types that are super effective against Dialga. These are:

  • Fighting
  • Ground

Moves of these types will deal 160% damage. However, there are a plethora of types that this boss is resistant to:

  • Normal
  • Flying
  • Rock
  • Bug
  • Steel
  • Water
  • Electric
  • Psychic
  • Poison
  • Grass

Most of these types will only deal 63% damage. Poison and Grass are the exceptions, however, as they will only deal 39% damage – something players will definitely want to avoid!

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Best Pokemon To Use In Dialga Raids

Below is a list of 5 Pokemon we recommend using against this raid boss. This is due to their access to moves that are super effective against Dialga.

Dialga in Pokemon Anime
The Pokemon Company

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Stats And Moves

Dialga has the potential to be shiny once caught! Making it another perfect Pokemon for avid shiny hunters!

Its stats are nothing to be displeased about either:

  • Attack: 275
  • Stamina: 205
  • Defense: 211

Although its attack is weaker than other raid Pokemon it makes up for this by having a higher defense, allowing it to withstand attacks longer!

Furthermore, Dialga has access to the following moves:

Fast Moves

  • Dragon Breath (Dragon)*
  • Metal Claw (Steel)*

Charged Moves

  • Iron Head (Steel)*
  • Thunder (Electric)
  • Draco Meteor (Dragon)*

Moves marked with * benefit from a 20% attack bonus thanks to STAB (same type attack bonus)

With such a Powerful Pokemon available in this raid, hopefully, fans won’t be as disappointed as they were with the Starly Community Day announcement.

Although, since they are also citing the new Weekly Event Box offerings as “worthless” it’s likely they will still have to continue begging Niantic to fix issues in the game.

At least there’s the new anniversary event to look forward to – with new cake hat costumes for Pokemon! Alongside that, there’s the July Battle Weekend – players can even catch a Shadow Latios!

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