The 2023 Pokemon GO Dia de Muertos event has added new Field Research for players to pick up and complete!

This year’s Day of the Dead celebration has four new limited-time Field Research Tasks, and finishing each of them will give you an encounter with a Pokemon involved in the party!

Spinning a PokeStop or Gym Photo Disc during the 2023 Dia de Muertos event (from 10 AM local time on November 1 to 8 PM local time on November 2) may give you a limited-time event Field Research Task.

These are all of the exclusive Field Research Tasks for Dia de Muertos 2023:

Field Research TaskReward
Make a Great ThrowSunkernSunkern Pokemon GO
Make a Nice Curveball ThrowDrifloon or LitwickDrifloon Pokemon GOLitwick Pokemon GO
Make 3 Great Curveball Throws in a rowCempasuchil Crown CuboneCempasuchil Crown Cubone Pokemon GO
Win a Gym battleAlolan MarowakAlolan Marowak Pokemon GO

The Field Research Task that players will want to pick up the most is the one to earn an encounter with Cempasuchil Crown Cubone. However, this can be tricky as it requires making 3 Great Curveball Throws in a row.

If you want to do this, we suggest using Nanab Berries to stop the Pokemon you’re catching from moving around. Also, catching a larger Pokemon will make getting a Great Throw easier, as the circle will be bigger.

Cempasuchil Crown Cubone and Marowak in Pokemon GO

Even if you can complete these Dia de Muertos Field Research Tasks at any time, they’re only available in Pokemon GO for a very short window. If you want to complete any of these, make sure to get them before 8 PM on November 2!

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