Pokemon GO has a special Dia de Muertos Spotlight Hour featuring Duskull coming up – here’s a full rundown of the event!

The weekly Spotlight Hour events in Pokemon GO put the focus on one particular Pokemon. These events can sometimes include costumed Pokemon too.

The first event in the November 2022 Pokemon GO Spotlight Hour schedule features the limited-edition costumed Duskull which is based on the Mexican Day of the Dead celebrations!

Once you’ve found out everything you need to know about Pokemon GO Spotlight Hours, we’ve got all of the details about the special Duskull Spotlight Hour for you!

Pokemon GO Dia de Muertos Costumed Duskull Spotlight Hour Date & Time

The Spotlight Hour featuring the Dia de Muertos-themed Duskull wearing a cempasuchil crown is on November 1 from 6 PM – 7 PM local time.

During this time, there will be loads of costumed Duskull spawning in the wild for players to catch. You don’t want to miss out!

Make sure to use your Daily Adventure Incense if you want to encounter as many Duskull as possible!

What’s more, these tricks to boost Pokemon GO Candy will help you make the most of the Spotlight Hour!

Pokemon GO Dia De Muertos 2022

November 1 Spotlight Hour Bonus

The bonus for the November 1 Duskull Spotlight Hour is double Stardust for catching Pokemon.

This bonus is especially useful for players who need more Stardust to power up their Pokemon. Plus, it also stacks with the extra Stardust you can gain by using a Lucky Egg!

If you’re catching loads of Pokemon, make sure to use the Pokemon GO IV search filters. This will help you sort through your Pokemon quickly.

Can You Catch Shiny Dia de Muertos Costumed Duskull in Pokemon GO?

Yes, there is a shiny version of the costumed Duskull wearing a cempasuchil crown in Pokemon GO. The best time to catch one of these would definitely be during the Spotlight Hour as it is only available in-game during the Dia de Muertos event!

In addition to the shiny costumed Duskull having a cempasuchil crown, it is also red instead of gray.

Make sure to check out our Pokemon GO shiny odds guide. This will tell you the exact chances of encountering a shiny Duskull in the Spotlight Hour!

Shiny Duskull Pokemon GO

This is just the beginning of a very exciting month for Pokemon GO players. A brand-new Ultra Beast is arriving in 5-Star Raids soon!

What’s more, you’ll have plenty of chances to catch Ultra Beasts in the November 2022 Pokemon GO Raid Hours.

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