Pokemon GO is celebrating the release of Detective Pikachu Returns on the Nintendo Switch with an in-game event featuring the mystery-solving ‘Mon. Here’s everything you need to know!

Deecitve Pikachu is once again returning to Pokemon GO – and this event is bringing plenty of new content to the game.

In addition to a new Timed Research mystery to solve, players can look forward to updated wild spawns, a couple of great event bonuses, event-themed Field Research Tasks, and a new Collection Challenge.

Pokemon GO Detective Pikachu Returns Event Date & Time

The Detective Pikachu Returns event starts at 10 AM local time on October 5, 2023 and ends at 8 PM local time on October 9, 2023.

  • Event Start:
  • Event End:
Detective Pikachu and Growlithe Pokemon GO

Detective Pikachu Returns Event Bonuses

The following two bonuses will be active throughout the whole of the Detective Pikachu Returns event in Pokemon GO:

  • Surprise Snapshot Encounters with Pikachu Wearing a Detective Hat
    • These Snapshot Encounters are limited to one per day but Detective Pikachu will also be a wild spawn
  • 2x XP for spinning PokeStops during the event
Catch Detective Pikachu Pokemon GO

Detective Pikachu Returns Event Wild Pokemon Spawns

PokemonStandard Shiny
Detective Hat PikachuDetective Pikachu Pokemon GOShiny Detective Pikachu Pokemon GO
GrowlitheGrowlithe Pokemon GOShiny Growlithe Pokemon GO
Slowpoke Wearing a HatHat Slowpoke Pokemon GOShiny Hat Slowpoke Pokemon GO
Alolan ExeggutorAlolan Exeggutor Pokemon GOShiny Alolan Exeggutor Pokemon GO
MagikarpPokemon GO MagikarpShiny Magikarp Pokemon GO
XatuXatu Pokemon GOShiny Xatu Pokemon GO
BellossomBellossom Pokemon GOShiny Bellossom Pokemon GO
LotadLotad Pokemon GOShiny Lotad Pokemon GO
ChimechoChimecho Pokemon GOShiny Chimecho Pokemon GO
BronzorBronzor Pokemon GOShiny Bronzor Pokemon GO
DucklettNot Available
CutieflyCutiefly Pokemon GONot Available
FalinksFalinks Pokemon GONot Available

New Research & Challenges

The Detective Pikachu Returns event is adding the following new Research and Collection Challenge for players to complete:

  • Detective Pikachu Returns Event Timed Research
    • This Research tasks players with tracking down a mysterious ‘Pokemon of Interest’
  • Event-themed Field Research Tasks
    • The rewards for these Tasks include encounters with Sudowoodo, Snivy, and Rowlet
  • Detective Pikachu Returns Collection Challenge

All of these are only available until the end of the Detective Pikachu Returns event, at 8 PM local time on October 9, 2023. Make sure you finish them before then, otherwise, they’ll be gone forever!

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