The Pokemon GO Detective Pikachu Returns event has added a brand new Collection Challenge for players to complete – here are all of the Pokemon you need to catch and how you can get them!

Collection Challenges task Pokemon trainers with catching certain Pokemon – and there’s a reward for catching them all. However, unlike most other Collection Challenges in Pokemon GO, the one for the Detective Pikachu Returns event features Pokemon that do not spawn in the wild.

So how can you catch all of these Pokemon and complete it?

All Pokemon in the Detective Pikachu Returns Collection Challenge & How to Catch Them

All three of the Pokemon you must catch to complete to Detective Pikachu Returns Collection Challenge are only available through the new event-exclusive Field Research Tasks.

These are all of the Pokemon you need to catch and which Field Research Tasks give you an encounter with them:

PokemonField Research Tasks
Sudowoodo Pokemon GO
• Catch a Grass‑type Pokemon
• Catch a Pokemon with Weather Boost
Snivy Pokemon GO
• Catch a Flying‑type Pokemon
• Take a snapshot of wild Water‑type Pokemon
Rowlet Pokemon GO
• Catch a Water‑type Pokemon
• Catch a Psychic‑type Pokemon

Completion Rewards

For catching all three of the Pokemon in the Collection Challenge, you get:

  • 1000 Stardust

Therefore, don’t worry if you can’t complete this Collection Challenge before it expires at 8 PM local time on October 9, 2023. It’s not really worth the hassle for just 1000 Stardust, especially if you have to go out of your way to complete Field Research!

Instead, you should focus on the Detective Pikachu Returns Timed Research. This gives you a mystery to solve and plenty of encounters with the new costumed Pikachu!

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