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Pokemon GO Deino Community Day: Fans Annoyed by Zweilous Raids

There’s a major problem with the Zweilous Raids in the upcoming Deino Community Day and Pokemon GO fans are not happy about it!

Pokemon GO Community Days should be one of the best parts of every Pokemon trainer’s month. However, many fans of the game are already annoyed with developer Niantic ahead of Deino Community Day.

In many ways, the upcoming Deino Community Day could be one of the best in a while but there is one detail that has fans annoyed even well before the day itself.

But what is it that has Pokemon GO players so frustrated ahead of Deino Community Day?

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Pokemon GO Deino Community Day

Remote Raid Passes Won’t Work With Zweilous Raids – Pokemon GO Deino Community Day

The June 2022 Pokemon GO Raid schedule was already busy enough before Niantic announced that Zweilous would be appearing in 4-star Raids as part of the Deino Community Day. However, it looks like many players won’t be able to take part in them.

According to the Niantic blog post for the event, Zweilous Raids will be different to other Pokemon GO Raids.

It seems like you won’t be able to do these Zweilous Raids remotely, even with a Remote Raid Pass. This is because the blog post for the event says that “these Raids can only be accessed with Raid Passes and Premium Battle Passes”.

It’s bad enough that Remote Raid Passes are now much harder to get in Pokemon GO, but not being able to use them at all for certain raids is a major disappointment for many players.

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Pokemon GO Zweilous

Some Pokemon GO fans on the game’s subreddit are calling this decision “a joke”. Meanwhile, others are once again questioning Niantic’s lack of consideration for players with mobility issues.

Disabled Pokemon GO fans have already called the game “impossible” and this latest decision will make taking part in Deino Community Day even tougher.

Luckily, there is still plenty of time before Deino Community Day. Therefore, fans will be hoping that Niantic listens to feedback and changes how the Zweilous Raids work in Pokemon GO.

However, this could just be wishful thinking. Pokemon GO fans have been begging Niantic to listen to them for ages but it doesn’t seem to be working!

In other news, there are still some things to look forward to in Pokemon GO. The Pokemon GO TCG Crossover event is coming soon and it will be introducing two brand-new Pokemon!

Plus, a leak has revealed plenty more Pokemon debuting later on in the Season of GO! This includes a fan-favorite mega evolution and a new Rotom form!

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