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Pokemon GO Datamine Reveals New Event & Furret Walk Challenge

A new Pokemon GO data mine has revealed an upcoming in-game event alongside a new challenge that references the Furret Walk meme!

Trainers are always looking forward to upcoming events in Pokemon GO. Whether it’s a Community Day, Collection Challenge, or a new Special Research Task, the anticipation is always high.

And while Pokemon GO has a load of events in April, some players are already looking forward to what could be coming to the game in May and beyond.

Even if Niantic hasn’t announced anything for the next few months beyond the dates for Pokemon GO Fest 2022, a data mine has revealed what players can expect from the game soon.

Not only has it revealed the name of a new event, but it also looks like there will be a challenge to do with the Furret Walk meme. Here’s everything you need to know!

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Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO Datamine Reveals Furret Walk Exploration Challenge & Old Friends’ New Beginnings Event

Even if Pokemon trainers are in the middle of Pokemon GO Sustainability Week 2022, they’re still wondering what could be coming to the game next.

Of course, the highly anticipated Stufful Community Day is next in the Pokemon GO Calendar. However, what lies beyond it is unknown.

Luckily, PokeMiners has found some interesting information about upcoming events in the game’s files.

Firstly, there is the Furret Walk Weekly Exploration Challenge. This is surely a reference to the popular Furret Walk meme from a couple of years ago!

This challenge will tasks players with walking around the world. The fine details aren’t known just yet but you might as well get your walking boots on to be prepared!

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Furret Walk Pokemon

Additionally, there are lines of code referring to an event called Old Friends, New Beginnings. This will be a timed research event, but we don’t know what it entails yet.

Hopefully, both of these will be coming as soon as next month. However, we will have to wait for an official announcement from Niantic.

Let’s just hope they are received better than recent Pokemon GO events like the disappointing Mudkip Community Day Classic and the Sustainability Week Collection Challenge that players are struggling to complete.

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