A new Pokemon GO datamine has revealed 4 new Pokemon coming to the game soon, including an Ultra Beast and one of Cosmog’s evolutions!

Pokemon GO players want to catch ’em all, but that’s no easy task. This is especially the case with more and more Pokemon being added to the game every month.

While the Pokemon GO developer Niantic keeps new Pokemon announcements under wraps until shortly before they are added, dataminers regularly find out which new ‘Mon will be coming well ahead of the official announcements.

This is great for Pokemon GO fans who can’t wait to find out the next few Pokemon arriving in the game in September 2022 and beyond!

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4 New Pokemon Revealed in September 8 Datamine – Mareanie, Toxapex, Lunala & Celesteela

Pokemon GO datamining group PokeMiners found images of 4 new unreleased Pokemon in the game’s files on September 8, 2022.

While developer Niantic has not confirmed that any of these Pokemon are coming to the game yet, this is an extremely good indication that they will be coming to the game very shortly.

Mareanie & Toxapex

Firstly, PokeMiners has found Poison/Water-type Pokemon Mareanie and its evolved form Toxapex in the Pokemon GO files.

Even if they may not be Legendaries or Ultra Beasts like the other datamined Pokemon, these would be exciting additions. This is because many players believe that Toxapex could be very powerful in the GO Battle League.

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Mareanie & Toxapex

Lunala – New Cosmog Evolution

Next, an image of one of Cosmog’s evolved forms Lunala has also been found in the files. This means that players should be able to evolve Cosmog into the bat-like Psychic/Ghost Pokemon very soon.

If you haven’t already, find out how to complete A Cosmic Companion in Pokemon GO and get Cosmog!

However, it is also worth noting that Cosmog’s other final form Solgaleo has not been found just yet. Therefore, you might still have to wait a while before you can evolve Cosmog.


Celesteela – New Ultra Beast in Pokemon GO

Finally, Pokemon GO Fest 2022 introduced the first 4 Ultra Beasts to Pokemon GO and it looks like another, the Steel/Flying-type Celesteela, will be joining the game soon.

With a gap in the September 2022 Pokemon GO Legendary Raid Schedule, this new Ultra Beast could be arriving in-game as soon as mid-September!


Let’s hope that Niantic confirms that these Pokemon will be arriving in Pokemon GO soon.

These aren’t the only new additions you should expect in the near future. PokeMiners has also revealed over 50 new Pokemon coming to Pokemon GO!

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