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Pokemon GO Daily Free Box Trick Gives Players Rare Items – Rare Candy, Raid Passes, Poffins

There’s a new trick that you need to take advantage of in Pokemon GO, involving the Daily Free Box.

Pokemon GO players will already know about the Daily Free Box available in the in-game shop. This small gift from Niantic gives fans a reason to log in each day, and provides some small rewards to players for doing so.

However, it seems there’s a new secret that you should know about the free gift. And claiming it at the right time can result in free Rare Candy, Premium Raid Passes, Poffins, and more!

Whether you’re looking to build the best Pokemon GO team possible in April 2022, or you want to catch ’em all, make sure you know how to take advantage of the new offering.

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Pokemon GO Eevee Buddy

How to Improve Your Daily Free Box in Pokemon GO

It seems that your Daily Free Box in Pokemon GO will change throughout the day. Opening up your free reward at different times of day might just give you a boost.

In a new video by The Trainer Club on YouTube, the Pokemon GO expert reveals that the Daily Free Box appears to be best opened after 1 PM local time!

Before 1 PM, the user’s box was offering 4 free Poke Balls to the player. However, after 1 PM came around, the offering became 7 Rare Candy, 4 Razz Berry, and 3 Nanab Berry.

Other players report similar findings, with users reporting items such as Charged TMs, Dragon Scale, Poffins, Lucky Eggs, and Premium Battle Passes.

Some users suggest that the Daily Free Box changes when viewed but left unopened, and then checked again after one hour. However, The Trainer Club believes it’s the actual time of day, rather than the waiting, that boosts your rewards.

The boxes can even contain Rocket Radars which will help you battle against the nefarious Team Rocket. Recently, players could even get their hands on a Shadow Latias by battling Giovanni!

We don’t know why the Pokemon GO Daily Free Box changes at 1 PM specifically, but it might not last forever. Be sure to claim your rewards later in the day!

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Thanks to The Trainer Club for showing us this new Daily Free Box trick in Pokemon GO. Check out their full video on the topic below:

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Comments 4



Saturday 28th of May 2022

I have to check mine before 1 to get the special stuff and my fiance has to check it after 1! Very neat!


Saturday 28th of May 2022

My daughter has been getting good stuff in the morning for about 4 days (today is 5/28). I've gotten only the balls and potions even when opening in the afternoon. What's up with that???


Saturday 30th of April 2022

It seems like it's a 1 hour window. And 1 hour later every day. I had one day at 3. Next day at 4. Missed thr 5oclock hour the next day but it worked at 6 the next. Last week was all during sleeping hours so not sure where I'm at now but I think it's close to 5am???


Thursday 28th of April 2022

Mine has been a good box every morning now for 4 days with no rechecking. I don’t think 1pm has anything to do with it.