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Pokemon GO Daily Adventure Incense Guide & How it Works

Here’s the full rundown on how Daily Adventure Incense works in Pokemon GO. This is a great new addition to the game!

Pokemon GO players want to catch as many Pokemon as they can and it looks like that has just become a lot easier.

While there have been huge complaints about Incense in Pokemon GO previously, Niantic seems to have listened to players.

Now, there’s a new-and-improved version of Incense in the game that players get for free every day – Daily Adventure Incense. However, it works a bit differently to the Incense Pokemon GO fans are used to.

What is Daily Adventure Incense in Pokemon GO?

Daily Adventure Incense is a special Incense with a mysterious fragrance that attracts wild Pokemon to your location as you move for 15 minutes.

Every Pokemon GO player can use Daily Adventure Incense once per day and it resets at midnight. This is unlike normal Incense which is a one-use item.

You can encounter some rare Pokemon using Daily Adventure Incense and using it is the only way to catch Galarian Zapdos, Moltres, and Articuno!

Pokemon GO Daily Adventure Incense Description

This item is perfect for players to use on their journey to work or a short walk every day!

You can even catch all of the Legendary Pokemon in Pokemon GO during your walks while the Daily Adventure Incense is active!

How to Use Daily Adventure Incense

There are two ways to use Daily Adventure Incense in Pokemon GO:

  1. Tap on the Daily Adventure Incense button in the top right of your screen and click ‘Use Now’.
  2. Go to your Item Bag, scroll down and click on the Daily Adventure Incense and then swipe it to use it.
Pokemon GO Daily Adventure Incense

You can tell Daily Adventure Incense is active by the blue fog around your character. There is also an Incense timer in the top right of your screen while it is active too.

Daily Adventure Incense Recap

Another cool feature of Daily Adventure Incense in Pokemon GO is the recap it gives you after you use it.

After the 15 minutes of Incense is up, Pokemon GO presents you with a small recap showing you every Pokemon you caught. You also have the option to save it as a photo and share it with your friends.

Pokemon GO Daily Adventure Incense Recap

Free Daily Pokeballs

If you have less than or exactly 30 Pokeballs, Great Balls, or Ultra Balls in total, using the Incense will give you 30 free Pokeballs!

This means there’s no need to worry if you’re low on Pokeballs!

Although, if you’re after more Pokeballs, you’ll want to know the fastest way to earn PokeCoins in Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO Pokeballs

And that’s everything you need to know about the new Incense in Pokemon GO. For more information, be sure to check out the blog post on the Pokemon GO website!

Now that Niantic has improved Incense again, Pokemon GO players will hope there is a change to the short 3-hour Community Days soon too!

Finally, make sure you know how to use the new Niantic Campfire Social app to enhance your Pokemon GO experience!

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Comments 10


Sunday 9th of October 2022

I have using the adventure incense since it began. I started saving the recap photos of Pokémon caught so I would have proof. I have caught over 100 but my counter only show 12. I have reset every possible thing according to the bug info and nothing has worked.

gronholm Riley

Monday 22nd of August 2022

When using new intense Pokémon caught don't get registered most days say 0 but have had6 once when I caught 22 Pokémon ready to just delete the game

Monday 22nd of August 2022

I will walk using daily intense and catch Pokémon but they never count for catching


Tuesday 8th of November 2022

Only the Pokémon that have a daily adventure incense thing next to the info if it’s shiny


Wednesday 3rd of August 2022

Been using this daily incense for a week now. I catch pokemon during this time but none count as being lured by this particular incense. . Caught 2 on one day, 1 on a couple of days, but most days are ZEROES. Can't attract 10, how will I attract 100?

Tuesday 2nd of August 2022

used it twice and no spawns at all either time