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Pokemon GO Daily Adventure Incense Glitch Gives No Spawns

An annoying glitch with the new Daily Adventure Incense in Pokemon GO is giving players who use it no Pokemon spawns!

Pokemon GO is all about catching the Pokemon you find out in the wild so, of course, players want to catchy as many of them as they can.

Luckily, Pokemon trainers can use Lures and Incense to attract Pokemon to their location and make this process much faster.

Although, many Pokemon GO fans have complained about Incense being “worthless” recently.

Pokemon GO Daily Adventure Incense Guide & How it Works

A brand-new feature that players are loving is the Daily Adventure Incense – not only is it totally free and reusable, but it also lets players catch the Galarian Legendary Birds for the first time in Pokemon GO!

However, even this isn’t working for some players because of a frustrating bug!

To fully understand this glitch you’ll need to check out our Pokemon GO Daily Adventure Incense Guide first!

Pokemon GO Daily Adventure Incense is Broken For Some Players

Many Pokemon GO players using the Daily Adventure Incense have reported a very frustrating glitch with it where it isn’t attracting any Pokemon. As players should be catching 15-25 Pokemon with this new Incense, this is a major issue.

A popular post on the Pokemon GO subreddit r/TheSilphRoad shows an in-game screenshot that says that 0 Pokemon were caught while a Daily Adventure Incense was active. This is despite the player walking over 1km.

Hundreds of players have upvoted this post and shared their issues with it in the replies. Therefore, this glitch seems to be fairly widespread.

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Pokemon GO Daily Adventure Incense

Unfortunately, at the moment, there seems to be no fix for this. Even closing and reopening the app isn’t working.

Hopefully Pokemon GO developer Niantic will address this glitch with the Daily Adventure Incense very soon. Otherwise, players will be missing out on this great new feature.

Meanwhile, find out the fastest way to earn coins in Pokemon GO. This will help you buy loads of useful items from the in-game shop!

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Comments 15


Thursday 4th of August 2022

Sometimes it will not credit my catch to the mission A Mysterious Incense Part 2. You are supposed to catch 100 Pokémon will using the incense, yet it is only crediting MAYBE 1 out of 25 catches. Over a four day period it has only credited 8 of all the catches I did.

Tuesday 20th of September 2022



Sunday 31st of July 2022

The first day I caught over 10 Pokémon and not credit for catching any while using the adventure incense. Now I use the incense and no Pokémon spawns at all.


Friday 29th of July 2022

I can use my adventure incense but it will only let me catch one pokemon per use. It doesn't matter how many excellent throws, berries, or ultra balls I use.

Machelle Leverage

Friday 29th of July 2022

I have an iPhone and a Samsung. The incense works on the iPhone and doesn’t on the Samsung. But ever since this launched, my regular incense doesn’t work on my Samsung either


Friday 29th of July 2022

I catch 20+ mon and still have no progress on the quest while it's active I've even Uninstalled and reinstalled it hoping it was just a simple bug but it's not it seems to be tied to accounts I honestly just wanna clear my quest board but I can't find anyone other than serina from team rocket and it's not counting the caught pokemon with the lure I feel cheated