Pokemon GO developer Niantic has gradually been adding more and more gen 7 Pokemon to Pokemon GO, and it looks like Cutiefly is the next one to be coming to the game.

A teaser shared by Pokemon GO Korea on Twitter shows a field of flowers and part of an insect-like Pokemon.

Any Pokemon fan who has played Sun and Moon or Sword and Shield will recognize those wings and legs to be Cutiefly!

This will be the latest Bug-type Pokemon coming to the game since all of the Vivillon patterns in Pokemon GO arrived in December 2022.

When Is Cutiefly Coming to Pokemon GO?

Pokemon GO developer Niantic revealed that the release date for Cutiefly is April 4, 2023. Players will be able to catch it from 10 AM local time on that day, once the 2023 Spring Into Spring event begins.

Alongside Cutiefly, its evolution, Ribombee, will be coming to the game at the same time.

In addition to this cute Bug-type ‘Mon, Niantic has confirmed that a brand-new Legendary Pokemon is coming in April 2023!

Cutiefly and Ribombee Pokemon GO
Cutiefly and Ribombee in Pokemon GO

Will Cutiefly Be Region-Exclusive?

Niantic has confirmed that Cutiefly will not be region-exclusive, which is good news for players who want to catch ’em all!

Even if only the Pokemon GO Korea Twitter account has shared the Cutiefly teaser, Niantic has now confirmed that players around the world will be able to catch Cutiefly.

This is unlike the latest addition to Pokemon GO, Hawlucha, being region-exclusive to Mexico!

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