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Pokemon GO Community Day Guide – Tips, Duration & More

If you’re hoping to take advantage of as many Pokemon GO events as you can, Community Days are ones you’ll see often. Here’s everything you need to know about Pokemon GO’s Community Days.

Whether you’re hoping to catch a Pokemon you haven’t caught before or wanting to evolve a Pokemon you’ve caught, Community Days are incredible ways to do both.

Community Days are great events to take part in, as they increase your odds of getting a highlighted Pokemon. But you need to be there, or you could miss out!

What Are Community Days in Pokemon GO?

Community Days are special events that highlight one particular Pokemon by making them easier to catch, as they appear across the world.

If you’ve ever opened Pokemon GO and found yourself surrounded by only one Pokemon, chances are you logged in during a Community Day.

Pokemon Go Community Day Guide What is Community Day

They’re fairly similar to Spotlight Hours events in Pokemon GO, however, those are only for an hour.

Pokemon you evolve during these Community Days also learn an exclusive move, and you can find other bonuses like increased XP, Stardust, or three-hour Incenses and Lure Modules.

You also have Community Day Classic, which are Community Days that highlight Pokemon that were part of past Community Days. These are in addition to the existing Community Days.

How Often is Community Day in Pokemon GO?

Pokemon GO’s Community Days happen every month, however, they focus on a different Pokemon each time.

They always land on a Saturday or Sunday, allowing many players to enjoy the event on their days off.

Pokemon Go Community Day Guide How Often is Community Day

However, this rule doesn’t go for Community Day Classic, which sees an event every three months instead of every month.

How Long Are Community Days in Pokemon GO?

Community Days only last three hours, usually between the times of 11 AM and 2 PM or 2 PM and 5 PM.

It could be either of these times, as it depends on when Niantic wants to launch it.

Despite the name, Community Days have always only lasted a few hours, and never the duration of the day.

This was different during the COVID-19 pandemic, as they were extended to six hours due to players staying inside. They’ve now reduced it back to the original timescale.

Can You Catch Shiny Pokémon on Community Day?

Yes, you can catch a shiny Pokemon during Community Days, so long as a shiny variant has been added to the game.

In fact, Community Days are usually when the shiny variants get introduced into Pokemon GO.

Can You Catch Shiny Pokémon on Community Day

Find out the odds of catching shiny Pokemon in Community Days!

Pokemon GO Community Day 4-Star Raids

In recent Community Days, the second evolution of the featured Pokemon has been appearing in 4-Star Raids.

These Raids will appear up to five hours after the event. Winning the Raid will cause the featured Pokemon to spawn in a 300-meter radius around the Gym for 30 minutes.

Pokemon GO Community Day 4-Star Raids

However, Remote Raid Passes cannot be used for these Raids.

This has been a bonus since Deino’s Community Day in June 2022 and has been a bonus for each Community Day since.

How Much Does Pokemon GO Community Day Cost?

Community Day events are free for all players in Pokemon GO, but players need to purchase a ticket for the Special Research.

How Much Does Pokemon GO Community Day Cost

That’s right, you can play through the entire event without spending a penny. But, we recommend picking up an Incense using Pokecoins, as they will last three hours and help you catch even more Pokemon.

What is Pokemon GO Community Day Special Research?

Special Researches are additional quests and challenges related to each Community Day. However, you need to buy a ticket to access them.

Pokemon GO’s Community Day Special Research only costs $1, or the equivalent price in your local currency. And while it is related to Community Day, once you purchase it, you can complete it at any time you’d like.

However, they can be fairly difficult to complete after the event, especially if you rarely catch the Pokemon that is highlighted.

Pokemon GO Community Day Tips

Pokemon GO Community Day Tips
  • Purchase Incense and Lure Modules before the event. They work for 3 hours during Community Days.
  • Use Pinap Berries to earn more Candy with every Pokemon caught.
  • Double your XP by using Lucky Eggs. If Community Day is offering multipliers of XP, you’ll get leveling up in no time!
  • Use Star Pieces to increase your Stardust gains during the event!
  • Gather around a Pokestop with friends and use a Lure Module. When a group of trainers catches the featured Pokemon enough times, you’ll get an increased amount of XP.
  • Evolve the featured Pokemon during the event or up to two hours after it ends. You’ll get an exclusive move!

If you need to purchase any items but are low on coins, make sure to read our guide on how to get PokeCoins quickly in Pokemon GO!

First Ever Community Day in Pokemon GO

The first ever Pokemon GO Community Day featured Pikachu on January 18, 2018.

Pikachu has yet to make a return with the new Community Day Classic events, but it should be no surprise that the fan favorite was the first Community Day ‘Mon.

First Ever Community Day in Pokemon GO

Back in 2018, the event didn’t feature many bonuses, especially compared to more recent Community Days. It’s safe to say that the event has become a lot better over the years.

Pokemon GO Community Day Infographic

Pokemon GO Community Day Infographic

That’s everything you need to know about Community Days. You should be more prepared when the next one comes!

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