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Pokemon GO Community Day: Is There a Shiny Deino?

Pokemon GO is kicking off Deino Community Day today, but some fans are wondering if there’s a shiny variant out there to catch.

One of the most exciting times of the month for a Pokemon GO player is the regular Community Day. Once a month, Niantic picks a Pokemon to drop into the spotlight, increasing spawns for that ‘mon massively.

In a few hours’ time, players can catch as many Deino as they want with ease. And with its final evolution Hydreigon being a pseudo-legendary Pokemon, today is definitely one Community Day that you don’t want to miss!

When you’re enjoying today’s event, here’s how to get extra Deino candy during the Community Day!

Two Deino

It’s always nice to get some extra rewards, particularly as these monthly events now only last for 3 hours.

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Can You Catch a Shiny Deino, Zweilous, & Hydreigon in Pokemon GO?

Yes, Shiny Deino is present in Pokemon GO, making today’s Community Day the perfect opportunity to get your hands on it!

Shiny Deino has a green skin tone on its mouth and body, although its fur remains black. When it eventually evolves into Hydreigon, the green is far more noticeable, and it’s a highly-coveted variant to catch.

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Shiny Deino Zweilous Hydreigon in Pokemon GO

And for those looking to take part in today’s event, be sure you’re up to date on all Field Notes Quests and Rewards for the Community Day.

In other exciting news, it seems that the Galarian Legendary Birds are coming to Pokemon GO – and they’re not even the only new faces.

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