The Pokemon GO Catch Mastery event is taking place on Sunday, March 5, from 10 AM to 8 PM local time.

It is just a one-day event, but it gives players plenty of chances to catch all of the Pokemon in the Hitmonlee family!

There is lots of new content in this event, and it kicks off an exciting month for Pokemon GO players. Check out the March 2023 Pokemon GO events schedule to find out more!

Everything in the Pokemon GO Catch Mastery Event

Wild Spawns

The following Pokemon will be spawning more often during the Catch Mastery event:

  • Hitmonchan
  • Hitmonlee
The shiny versions of the whole Hitmontop family are available to get during this event. This includes Tyrogue, Hitmontop, Hitmonchan, and Hitmonlee.
Pokemon GO Hitmonchan Hitmonlee

Event Bonuses

The following two bonuses will be active for the duration of the Catch Mastery event:

  • Increased chance of encountering shiny Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, and Hitmontop
  • 2x XP for catching Pokemon with Nice, Excellent, Great, and Curveball Throws

Also, to maximize how much additional XP you can get, you’ll need to know this easy trick to make Nice, Great and Excellent Throws in Pokemon GO.

7km Eggs

The following Pokemon has a chance of hatching from 7km Eggs collected during the Pokemon GO Catch Mastery event:

  • Tyrogue

Find out how to get more 7km Eggs in Pokemon GO if you want to hatch a Tyrogue!

Pokemon GO 7km Egg

Field Research Task Encounter

The Catch Mastery event is also introducing some new Field Research Tasks for players to complete. Finishing these will reward players with an encounter with the following Pokemon:

  • Hitmontop

You can get these Field Research Tasks by spinning PokeStops during the Catch Mastery event.

Pokemon GO Hitmontop

Catch Mastery Timed Research

Players will have the opportunity to complete the Catch Mastery Timed Research which is all about throwing Poke Balls accurately.

Completing this Research can reward players with up to 40 encounters with Hitmontop!

To make the most of these encounters, find out how to boost the amount of Candy you earn in Pokemon GO!

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