Smoliv, the Olive Pokemon, is one of the latest additions to Pokemon GO, but can it be shiny?

Unfortunately, you cannot get the shiny version of Smoliv or its evolutions Dolliv and Arboliva in Pokemon GO yet.

This is because these Pokemon only arrived in the game on October 12, 2023, during the Harvest Festival event, and Pokemon GO developer Niantic usually waits a year before adding the shiny variants of new Pokemon to the game.

Pokemon GO Shiny Smoliv Release Date

Niantic has not announced the release date for shiny Smoliv in Pokemon GO yet.

However, based on the release schedule for previous shinies, we expect to see shiny Smoliv come to the game in Fall 2024.

This is because shiny versions of Pokemon are usually released around a year after the standard version of the Pokemon arrived in the game.

Smoliv on a Phone Pokemon GO

What Color is Shiny Smoliv?

The shiny version of Smoliv is very similar to the standard version, but there are a couple of differences.

The main difference is that shiny Smoliv has a black olive on its head instead of a green one. Also, shiny Smoliv’s body is a slightly lighter shade of green compared to the normal version.

Normal and Shiny Smoliv Family Pokemon GO
The Smoliv family (top) and the shiny Smoliv family (bottom)

Meanwhile, the shiny versions of Dolliv and Arboliva also have black olives and dark green details instead of light green.

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